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Bug 1357655 - Part 2: [css-ui] Add an explicit 'appearance:auto' to a couple of reftest that needs it. a=gchang MozReview-Commit-ID: 82ANStMIm5z

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include protocol PBlob;
include protocol PBrowser;
include protocol PContent;
include protocol PJavaScript;
include protocol PFileDescriptorSet;
include protocol PMemoryStream;
include protocol PSendStream;

include DOMTypes;
include JavaScriptTypes;
include PTabContext;

using class IPC::Principal from "mozilla/dom/PermissionMessageUtils.h";
using mozilla::dom::TabId from "mozilla/dom/ipc/IdType.h";
using mozilla::dom::ContentParentId from "mozilla/dom/ipc/IdType.h";
using class mozilla::dom::MessagePort from "mozilla/dom/MessagePort.h";
using class mozilla::dom::ipc::StructuredCloneData from "mozilla/dom/ipc/StructuredCloneData.h";

namespace mozilla {
namespace dom {

 * PContentBridge allows us to represent a parent/child relationship between two
 * child processes.  When a child process wants to open its own child, it asks
 * the root process to create a new process and then bridge them.  The first
 * child will allocate the PContentBridgeParent, and the newly opened child will
 * allocate the PContentBridgeChild.  This protocol allows these processes to
 * share PBrowsers and send messages to each other.
nested(upto inside_cpow) sync protocol PContentBridge
    manages PBlob;
    manages PBrowser;
    manages PFileDescriptorSet;
    manages PJavaScript;
    manages PMemoryStream;
    manages PSendStream;

    sync SyncMessage(nsString aMessage, ClonedMessageData aData,
                     CpowEntry[] aCpows, Principal aPrincipal)
      returns (StructuredCloneData[] retval);

    async PJavaScript();

    async PSendStream();

    async PMemoryStream(uint64_t aSize);

    // Both the parent and the child can construct the PBrowser.
    // See the comment in PContent::PBrowser().
    async PBrowser(TabId tabId, IPCTabContext context, uint32_t chromeFlags,
                   ContentParentId cpId, bool isForBrowser);

    async PBlob(BlobConstructorParams params);

    async PFileDescriptorSet(FileDescriptor fd);

    async AsyncMessage(nsString aMessage, CpowEntry[] aCpows,
                       Principal aPrincipal, ClonedMessageData aData);