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Bug 1500949 - Include innerWindowId/outerWindowId in PWindowGlobal, r=farre This will be useful as both an ID for PWindowGlobal, as well as a mechanism for taking advantage of already synchronized information. As an example, LoadInfo objects contain the inner window IDs of the window requesting the load, which can now be used to obtain a reference to the corresponding WindowGlobalParent in the parent process. Differential Revision:

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#ifndef mozilla_dom_WindowGlobalParent_h
#define mozilla_dom_WindowGlobalParent_h

#include "mozilla/RefPtr.h"
#include "mozilla/dom/PWindowGlobalParent.h"
#include "nsWrapperCache.h"

class nsIPrincipal;
class nsIURI;
class nsFrameLoader;

namespace mozilla {
namespace dom  {

class ChromeBrowsingContext;
class WindowGlobalChild;

 * A handle in the parent process to a specific nsGlobalWindowInner object.
class WindowGlobalParent final : public nsWrapperCache
                               , public PWindowGlobalParent

  static already_AddRefed<WindowGlobalParent>
  GetByInnerWindowId(uint64_t aInnerWindowId);

  static already_AddRefed<WindowGlobalParent>
  GetByInnerWindowId(const GlobalObject& aGlobal, uint64_t aInnerWindowId) {
    return GetByInnerWindowId(aInnerWindowId);

  // Has this actor been shut down
  bool IsClosed() { return mIPCClosed; }

  // Check if this actor is managed by PInProcess, as-in the document is loaded
  // in-process.
  bool IsInProcess() { return mInProcess; }

  // Get the other side of this actor if it is an in-process actor. Returns
  // |nullptr| if the actor has been torn down, or is not in-process.
  already_AddRefed<WindowGlobalChild> GetChildActor();

  // The principal of this WindowGlobal. This value will not change over the
  // lifetime of the WindowGlobal object, even to reflect changes in
  // |document.domain|.
  nsIPrincipal* DocumentPrincipal() { return mDocumentPrincipal; }

  // The BrowsingContext which this WindowGlobal has been loaded into.
  ChromeBrowsingContext* BrowsingContext() { return mBrowsingContext; }

  // Get the root nsFrameLoader object for the tree of BrowsingContext nodes
  // which this WindowGlobal is a part of. This will be the nsFrameLoader
  // holding the TabParent for remote tabs, and the root content frameloader for
  // non-remote tabs.
  nsFrameLoader* GetRootFrameLoader() { return mFrameLoader; }

  // The current URI which loaded in the document.
  nsIURI* GetDocumentURI() { return mDocumentURI; }

  // Window IDs for inner/outer windows.
  uint64_t OuterWindowId() { return mOuterWindowId; }
  uint64_t InnerWindowId() { return mInnerWindowId; }

  // Create a WindowGlobalParent from over IPC. This method should not be called
  // from outside of the IPC constructors.
  WindowGlobalParent(const WindowGlobalInit& aInit, bool aInProcess);

  // Initialize the mFrameLoader fields for a created WindowGlobalParent. Must
  // be called after setting the Manager actor.
  void Init(const WindowGlobalInit& aInit);

  nsISupports* GetParentObject();
  JSObject* WrapObject(JSContext* aCx,
                       JS::Handle<JSObject*> aGivenProto) override;

  // IPC messages
  mozilla::ipc::IPCResult RecvUpdateDocumentURI(nsIURI* aURI) override;

  void ActorDestroy(ActorDestroyReason aWhy) override;


  // NOTE: This document principal doesn't reflect possible |document.domain|
  // mutations which may have been made in the actual document.
  nsCOMPtr<nsIPrincipal> mDocumentPrincipal;
  nsCOMPtr<nsIURI> mDocumentURI;
  RefPtr<nsFrameLoader> mFrameLoader;
  RefPtr<ChromeBrowsingContext> mBrowsingContext;
  uint64_t mInnerWindowId;
  uint64_t mOuterWindowId;
  bool mInProcess;
  bool mIPCClosed;

} // namespace dom
} // namespace mozilla

#endif // !defined(mozilla_dom_WindowGlobalParent_h)