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/* code for loading in @font-face defined font data */

#ifndef nsFontFaceLoader_h_
#define nsFontFaceLoader_h_

#include "nsCOMPtr.h"
#include "nsIStreamLoader.h"
#include "nsIChannel.h"
#include "gfxUserFontSet.h"
#include "nsHashKeys.h"
#include "nsTHashtable.h"
#include "nsCSSRules.h"

class nsPresContext;
class nsIPrincipal;

class nsFontFaceLoader;

// nsUserFontSet - defines the loading mechanism for downloadable fonts
class nsUserFontSet : public gfxUserFontSet
  nsUserFontSet(nsPresContext *aContext);

  // Called when this font set is no longer associated with a presentation.
  void Destroy();

  // starts loading process, creating and initializing a nsFontFaceLoader obj
  // returns whether load process successfully started or not
  nsresult StartLoad(gfxMixedFontFamily *aFamily,
                     gfxProxyFontEntry *aFontToLoad,
                     const gfxFontFaceSrc *aFontFaceSrc);

  // Called by nsFontFaceLoader when the loader has completed normally.
  // It's removed from the mLoaders set.
  void RemoveLoader(nsFontFaceLoader *aLoader);

  bool UpdateRules(const nsTArray<nsFontFaceRuleContainer>& aRules);

  nsPresContext *GetPresContext() { return mPresContext; }

  virtual void ReplaceFontEntry(gfxMixedFontFamily *aFamily,
                                gfxProxyFontEntry *aProxy,
                                gfxFontEntry *aFontEntry);

  nsCSSFontFaceRule *FindRuleForEntry(gfxFontEntry *aFontEntry);

  // The font-set keeps track of the collection of rules, and their
  // corresponding font entries (whether proxies or real entries),
  // so that we can update the set without having to throw away
  // all the existing fonts.
  struct FontFaceRuleRecord {
    nsRefPtr<gfxFontEntry>       mFontEntry;
    nsFontFaceRuleContainer      mContainer;

  void InsertRule(nsCSSFontFaceRule *aRule, uint8_t aSheetType,
                  nsTArray<FontFaceRuleRecord>& oldRules,
                  bool& aFontSetModified);

  virtual nsresult LogMessage(gfxMixedFontFamily *aFamily,
                              gfxProxyFontEntry *aProxy,
                              const char *aMessage,
                              uint32_t aFlags = nsIScriptError::errorFlag,
                              nsresult aStatus = NS_OK);

  virtual nsresult CheckFontLoad(const gfxFontFaceSrc *aFontFaceSrc,
                                 nsIPrincipal **aPrincipal,
                                 bool *aBypassCache);

  virtual nsresult SyncLoadFontData(gfxProxyFontEntry *aFontToLoad,
                                    const gfxFontFaceSrc *aFontFaceSrc,
                                    uint8_t* &aBuffer,
                                    uint32_t &aBufferLength);

  virtual bool GetPrivateBrowsing() MOZ_OVERRIDE;

  nsPresContext *mPresContext;  // weak reference

  // Set of all loaders pointing to us. These are not strong pointers,
  // but that's OK because nsFontFaceLoader always calls RemoveLoader on
  // us before it dies (unless we die first).
  nsTHashtable< nsPtrHashKey<nsFontFaceLoader> > mLoaders;

  nsTArray<FontFaceRuleRecord>   mRules;

class nsFontFaceLoader : public nsIStreamLoaderObserver
  nsFontFaceLoader(gfxMixedFontFamily *aFontFamily,
                   gfxProxyFontEntry *aFontToLoad, nsIURI *aFontURI, 
                   nsUserFontSet *aFontSet, nsIChannel *aChannel);

  virtual ~nsFontFaceLoader();


  // initiate the load
  nsresult Init();
  // cancel the load and remove its reference to mFontSet
  void Cancel();

  void DropChannel() { mChannel = nullptr; }

  void StartedLoading(nsIStreamLoader *aStreamLoader);

  static void LoadTimerCallback(nsITimer *aTimer, void *aClosure);

  static nsresult CheckLoadAllowed(nsIPrincipal* aSourcePrincipal,
                                   nsIURI* aTargetURI,
                                   nsISupports* aContext);

  nsRefPtr<gfxMixedFontFamily> mFontFamily;
  nsRefPtr<gfxProxyFontEntry>  mFontEntry;
  nsCOMPtr<nsIURI>        mFontURI;
  nsRefPtr<nsUserFontSet> mFontSet;
  nsCOMPtr<nsIChannel>    mChannel;
  nsCOMPtr<nsITimer>      mLoadTimer;

  nsIStreamLoader        *mStreamLoader;

#endif /* !defined(nsFontFaceLoader_h_) */