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Bug 1211324 (part 3) - Remove GraphicsFilter::FILTER_FAST and replace it with FILTER_BEST. r=mattwoodrow. This may sound like an odd change but it's what the current code effectively already does due to the way ToFilter() and ThebesFilter() are defined.

  <title>Test for Bug 346485</title>
  <script type="application/javascript" src="/tests/SimpleTest/SimpleTest.js"></script>
  <link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="/tests/SimpleTest/test.css"/>
<a target="_blank" href="">Mozilla Bug 346485</a>
<p id="display"></p>
<div id="content" style="display: none">
  <input id='a'>
  <input id='b'>
  <output id='o' for='a b'></output>
<pre id="test">
<script type="application/javascript">

/** Test for Bug 346485 **/

 * This test is testing DOMSettableTokenList used by the output element.

function checkHtmlFor(htmlFor, list, msg) {
  var length = htmlFor.length;
  is(length, list.length, htmlFor + ": incorrect htmlFor length (" + msg + ")");
  for (var i = 0; i < length; ++i) {
    is(htmlFor[i], list[i], htmlFor + ": wrong element at " + i + " (" + msg + ")");

var o = document.getElementById('o');

is(String(o.htmlFor), 'a b',
  "htmlFor IDL attribute should reflect for content attribute");

is(o.htmlFor.value, 'a b',
  "value should return the underlying string");

is(o.htmlFor.length, 2, "Size should be '2'");

ok(o.htmlFor.contains('a'), "It should contain 'a' token'");
ok(!o.htmlFor.contains('c'), "It should not contain 'c' token");

is(o.htmlFor.item(0), 'a', "First item is 'a' token'");
is(o.htmlFor.item(42), null, "Out-of-range should return null");

checkHtmlFor(o.htmlFor, ['a', 'b', 'c'], "'c' token should have been added");

checkHtmlFor(o.htmlFor, ['a', 'b', 'c'], "Nothing should have changed");

checkHtmlFor(o.htmlFor, ['b', 'c'], "'a' token should have been removed");

checkHtmlFor(o.htmlFor, ['b', 'c'], "Nothing should have been removed");

checkHtmlFor(o.htmlFor, ['b', 'c', 'a'], "'a' token should have been added");

checkHtmlFor(o.htmlFor, ['c', 'a'], "Nothing should have changed");

o.htmlFor.value = "foo bar";
checkHtmlFor(o.htmlFor, ['foo', 'bar'], "The underlying string should have changed");
ok(o.htmlFor.contains('foo'), "It should contain 'foo'");