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Bug 1211324 (part 3) - Remove GraphicsFilter::FILTER_FAST and replace it with FILTER_BEST. r=mattwoodrow. This may sound like an odd change but it's what the current code effectively already does due to the way ToFilter() and ThebesFilter() are defined.

<?xml version="1.0"?>
<!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Strict//EN" "">
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  <title>Test for html serializer with entities</title>

<p>The basic set is just &nbsp; &amp; &lt; &gt; " for interoperability with older products that don't support &alpha; and friends.</p>

<p>latin1 &iexcl; &cent; &pound; &curren; &yen; &brvbar; &sect; &uml; 
&copy; &ordf; &laquo; &not; &shy; &reg; &macr; &deg; &plusmn; &sup2; 
&sup3; &acute; 
&micro; &para; &middot; &cedil; &sup1; &ordm; &raquo; &frac14; &frac12; 
&frac34; &iquest; &Agrave; &Aacute; &Acirc; &Atilde; &Auml; &Aring; 
&Ccedil; &Egrave; &Eacute; &Ecirc; &Euml; &Igrave; &Iacute; &Icirc; 
&Iuml; &ETH; &Ntilde; &Ograve; &Oacute; &Ocirc; &Otilde; &Ouml; &times; 
&Ugrave; &Uacute; &Ucirc; &Uuml; &Yacute; &THORN; &szlig; &agrave; 
&aacute; &acirc; &atilde; &auml; &aring; &aelig; &ccedil; &egrave; 
&eacute; &ecirc; 
&euml; &igrave; &iacute; &icirc; &iuml; &eth; &ntilde; &ograve; &oacute;
 &ocirc; &otilde; &ouml; &divide; &oslash; &ugrave; &uacute; &ucirc; 
&uuml; &yacute; 
&thorn; &yuml; </p>
<p>symbols, math.. &fnof; &Alpha; &Beta; &Gamma; &Delta; &Epsilon; 
&Zeta; &Eta; &Theta; &Iota; &Kappa; &Lambda; &Mu; &Nu; &Xi; &Omicron; 
&Pi; &Rho; &Sigma; &Tau; &Upsilon;
&Phi; &Chi; &Psi; &Omega; &alpha; &beta; &gamma; &delta; &epsilon; 
&zeta; &eta; &theta; &iota; &kappa; &lambda; &mu; &nu; &xi; &omicron; 
&pi; &rho; &sigmaf;
&sigma; &tau; &upsilon; &phi; &chi; &psi; &omega; &thetasym; &upsih; 
&piv; &bull; &hellip; &prime; &Prime; &oline; &frasl; &weierp; &image; 
&trade; &alefsym; &larr; &uarr; &rarr; &darr; &harr; &crarr; &lArr; 
&uArr; &rArr; &dArr; &hArr; &forall; &part; &exist; &empty; &nabla; 
&isin; &notin;
&ni; &prod; &sum; &minus; &lowast; &radic; &prop; &infin; &ang; &and; 
&or; &cap; &cup; &int; &there4; &sim; &cong; &asymp; &ne; &equiv; &le; 
&sub; &sup; &nsub; &sube; &supe; &oplus; &otimes; &perp; &sdot; &lceil; 
&rceil; &lfloor; &rfloor; &lang; &rang; &loz; &spades; &clubs; &hearts; 
<p> others
&OElig; &oelig; &Scaron; &scaron; &Yuml; &circ; &tilde; &ensp; &emsp; 
&thinsp; &zwnj; &zwj; &lrm; &rlm;&ndash;&mdash; &lsquo; &rsquo;
&sbquo;&ldquo; &rdquo; &bdquo; &dagger; &Dagger; &permil; &lsaquo; 
&rsaquo; &euro;