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Bug 1211324 (part 3) - Remove GraphicsFilter::FILTER_FAST and replace it with FILTER_BEST. r=mattwoodrow. This may sound like an odd change but it's what the current code effectively already does due to the way ToFilter() and ThebesFilter() are defined.

<!-- Async script that isn't preloaded -->
<script async src="file_bug503481.sjs?blockOn=R&body=runFirst();"></script>
firstRan = false;
secondRan = false;
thirdRan = false;
forthRan = false;
function runFirst() {
  firstRan = true;
function runThird() {, false, "forth should still be blocked");
  thirdRan = true;
function runForth() {
  forthRan = true;

function done() {, true, "first should have run by onload");, true, "second should have run by onload");, true, "third should have run by onload");, true, "forth should have run by onload");

var reqs = [];
function unblock(s) {
  xhr = new XMLHttpRequest();"GET", "file_bug503481.sjs?unblock=" + s);
}, false, "First async script shouldn't have run");

<!-- test that inline async isn't actually async -->
<script async>
secondRan = true;
<script>, true, "Second script shouldn't be async");

<!-- test that setting both defer and async treats the script as async -->
<script defer async src="file_bug503481.sjs?blockOn=S&body=runThird();"></script>
<script>, false, "third should not have run yet");
<script src="file_bug503481.sjs?blockOn=T&body=runForth();"></script>


<body onload="done()">