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Bug 1135785 - Make DecodeError safe to run on any thread. r=cpearce This is necessary so that we can make On{Audio,Video}{,Not}Decoded run on the state machine thread in the next patch.

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 * License, v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this
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#ifndef nsPrimitiveHelpers_h___
#define nsPrimitiveHelpers_h___

#include "nsError.h"
#include "nscore.h"

class nsISupports;

class nsPrimitiveHelpers

    // Given some data and the flavor it corresponds to, creates the appropriate
    // nsISupports* wrapper for passing across IDL boundaries. The length parameter
    // should not include the null if the data is null terminated.
  static void CreatePrimitiveForData ( const char* aFlavor, const void* aDataBuff,
                                         uint32_t aDataLen, nsISupports** aPrimitive ) ;

    // Given a nsISupports* primitive and the flavor it represents, creates a new data
    // buffer with the data in it. This data will be null terminated, but the length
    // parameter does not reflect that.
  static void CreateDataFromPrimitive ( const char* aFlavor, nsISupports* aPrimitive, 
                                         void** aDataBuff, uint32_t aDataLen ) ;

    // Given a unicode buffer (flavor text/unicode), this converts it to plain text using
    // the appropriate platform charset encoding. |inUnicodeLen| is the length of the input
    // string, not the # of bytes in the buffer. |outPlainTextData| is null terminated, 
    // but its length parameter, |outPlainTextLen|, does not reflect that.
  static nsresult ConvertUnicodeToPlatformPlainText ( char16_t* inUnicode, int32_t inUnicodeLen, 
                                                    char** outPlainTextData, int32_t* outPlainTextLen ) ;

    // Given a char buffer (flavor text/plaikn), this converts it to unicode using
    // the appropriate platform charset encoding. |outUnicode| is null terminated, 
    // but its length parameter, |outUnicodeLen|, does not reflect that. |outUnicodeLen| is
    // the length of the string in characters, not bytes.
  static nsresult ConvertPlatformPlainTextToUnicode ( const char* inText, int32_t inTextLen, 
                                                    char16_t** outUnicode, int32_t* outUnicodeLen ) ;

}; // class nsPrimitiveHelpers

class nsLinebreakHelpers

    // Given some data, convert from the platform linebreaks into the LF expected by the
    // DOM. This will attempt to convert the data in place, but the buffer may still need to
    // be reallocated regardless (disposing the old buffer is taken care of internally, see
    // the note below).
    // NOTE: this assumes that it can use nsMemory to dispose of the old buffer.
  static nsresult ConvertPlatformToDOMLinebreaks ( const char* inFlavor, void** ioData, int32_t* ioLengthInBytes ) ;

}; // class nsLinebreakHelpers

#endif // nsPrimitiveHelpers_h___