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Bug 745145, part 1: Generalize ScreenOrientation into ScreenConfiguration, and add screen rect and color+pixel depth to it. r=mounir

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include protocol PContent;
include protocol PBrowser;
include "prtime.h";
include "mozilla/HalSensor.h";
include "mozilla/HalTypes.h";
include "mozilla/dom/ScreenOrientation.h";
include "nsRect.h";

using mozilla::dom::ScreenOrientation;
using mozilla::hal::FlashMode;
using mozilla::hal::LightType;
using mozilla::hal::LightMode;
using mozilla::hal::SensorType;
using mozilla::hal::SensorAccuracyType;
using mozilla::hal::WakeLockControl;
using mozilla::hal::SwitchState;
using mozilla::hal::SwitchDevice;
using nsIntRect;
using PRTime;

namespace mozilla {

namespace hal {
struct BatteryInformation {
  double level;
  bool   charging;
  double remainingTime;

struct LightConfiguration {
  LightType light;
  LightMode mode;
  FlashMode flash;
  uint32_t flashOnMS;
  uint32_t flashOffMS;
  uint32_t color;

struct SensorData {
  SensorType sensor;
  PRTime timestamp;
  float[] values;
  SensorAccuracyType accuracy;

struct NetworkInformation {
  double bandwidth;
  bool   canBeMetered;

struct SwitchEvent {
  SwitchDevice device;
  SwitchState status;

struct WakeLockInformation {
  uint32_t numLocks;
  uint32_t numHidden;
  nsString topic;

struct ScreenConfiguration {
  nsIntRect rect;
  ScreenOrientation orientation;
  uint32_t colorDepth;
  uint32_t pixelDepth;

namespace hal_sandbox {

sync protocol PHal {
    manager PContent;

    NotifyBatteryChange(BatteryInformation aBatteryInfo);
    NotifyNetworkChange(NetworkInformation aNetworkInfo);
    NotifyWakeLockChange(WakeLockInformation aWakeLockInfo);
    NotifyScreenConfigurationChange(ScreenConfiguration aScreenOrientation);
    NotifySwitchChange(SwitchEvent aEvent);

    Vibrate(uint32[] pattern, uint64[] id, PBrowser browser);
    CancelVibrate(uint64[] id, PBrowser browser);

    sync GetCurrentBatteryInformation()
      returns (BatteryInformation aBatteryInfo);

    sync GetCurrentNetworkInformation()
      returns (NetworkInformation aNetworkInfo);

    sync GetScreenEnabled() returns (bool enabled);
    SetScreenEnabled(bool enabled);

    sync GetCpuSleepAllowed() returns (bool allowed);
    SetCpuSleepAllowed(bool allowed);

    sync GetScreenBrightness() returns (double brightness);
    SetScreenBrightness(double brightness);
    AdjustSystemClock(int32 aDeltaMilliseconds);
    SetTimezone(nsCString aTimezoneSpec);

    sync SetLight(LightType light, LightConfiguration aConfig)
      returns (bool status);
    sync GetLight(LightType light)
      returns (LightConfiguration aConfig, bool status);


    ModifyWakeLock(nsString aTopic, WakeLockControl aLockAdjust, WakeLockControl aHiddenAdjust);
    sync GetWakeLockInfo(nsString aTopic)
      returns (WakeLockInformation aWakeLockInfo);

    sync GetCurrentScreenConfiguration()
      returns (ScreenConfiguration aScreenConfiguration);
    sync LockScreenOrientation(ScreenOrientation aOrientation)
      returns (bool allowed);
    EnableSwitchNotifications(SwitchDevice aDevice);
    DisableSwitchNotifications(SwitchDevice aDevice);
    sync GetCurrentSwitchState(SwitchDevice aDevice)
      returns (SwitchState aState);

    NotifySensorChange(SensorData aSensorData);

    EnableSensorNotifications(SensorType aSensor);
    DisableSensorNotifications(SensorType aSensor);


} // namespace hal
} // namespace mozilla