author Robert O'Callahan <>
Fri, 10 Jan 2014 16:03:25 +1300
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parent 129606 content/xbl/crashtests/830614-1.xul@e8efa257d99bcf6013ca044ca3eeabb49f72b67e
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Bug 946065. Part 4: Move content/xbl to dom/ and flatten away 'src' directory. r=Ms2ger

<window xmlns=""
  <box style="display: none">
    <bindings xmlns="">
      <binding id="crash">
            // Fetch it
            var obj = this.getElementsByTagName("box")[0];
            // And make it preserve its wrapper.  Note that this will happen
            // while we're wrapping our box as the parent for id="trigger",
            // so then we'll unwind and things will be bad.
            if (obj) obj.expando = 5;
    <box style="-moz-binding:url(#crash);">
      <box id="trigger"/>
  <!-- Make sure we load our XBL before we try to run our test -->
  <box style="-moz-binding:url(#crash);"/>