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#include "gfxASurface.h"

#include <os2.h>
#include <cairo-os2.h>

class gfxOS2Surface : public gfxASurface {

    // constructor used to create a memory surface of given size
    gfxOS2Surface(const gfxIntSize& aSize,
                  gfxImageFormat aImageFormat);
    // constructor for surface connected to an onscreen window
    gfxOS2Surface(HWND aWnd);
    // constructor for surface connected to a printing device context
    gfxOS2Surface(HDC aDC, const gfxIntSize& aSize);
    virtual ~gfxOS2Surface();

    // Special functions that only make sense for the OS/2 port of cairo:

    // Update the cairo surface.
    // While gfxOS2Surface keeps track of the presentation handle itself,
    // use the one from WinBeginPaint() here.
    void Refresh(RECTL *aRect, HPS aPS);

    // Reset the cairo surface to the given size.
    int Resize(const gfxIntSize& aSize);

    HPS GetPS();
    virtual const gfxIntSize GetSize() const { return mSize; }

    HWND mWnd; // non-null if created through the HWND constructor
    HDC mDC; // memory device context
    HPS mPS; // presentation space connected to window or memory device
    HBITMAP mBitmap; // bitmap for initialization of memory surface
    gfxIntSize mSize; // current size of the surface

#endif /* GFX_OS2_SURFACE_H */