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#ifndef mozilla_HwcComposer2D
#define mozilla_HwcComposer2D

#include "Composer2D.h"
#include "Layers.h"
#include "mozilla/Mutex.h"

#include <vector>
#include <list>

#include <hardware/hwcomposer.h>
#include <ui/Fence.h>
#include <utils/Timers.h>

namespace mozilla {

namespace gl {
    class GLContext;

namespace layers {
class CompositorParent;
class Layer;

//Holds a dynamically allocated vector of rectangles
//used to decribe the complex visible region of a layer
typedef std::vector<hwc_rect_t> RectVector;
typedef hwc_composer_device_1_t HwcDevice;
typedef hwc_display_contents_1_t HwcList;
typedef hwc_layer_1_t HwcLayer;
typedef hwc_composer_device_t HwcDevice;
typedef hwc_layer_list_t HwcList;
typedef hwc_layer_t HwcLayer;

 * HwcComposer2D provides a way for gecko to render frames
 * using hwcomposer.h in the AOSP HAL.
 * hwcomposer.h defines an interface for display composition
 * using dedicated hardware. This hardware is usually faster
 * or more power efficient than the GPU. However, in exchange
 * for better performance, generality has to be sacrificed:
 * no 3d transforms, no intermediate surfaces, no special shader effects,
 * and loss of other goodies depending on the platform.
 * In general, when hwc is enabled gecko tries to compose
 * its frames using HwcComposer2D first. Then if HwcComposer2D is
 * unable to compose a frame then it falls back to compose it
 * using the GPU with OpenGL.
class HwcComposer2D : public mozilla::layers::Composer2D {
    virtual ~HwcComposer2D();

    static HwcComposer2D* GetInstance();

    // Returns TRUE if the container has been succesfully rendered
    // Returns FALSE if the container cannot be fully rendered
    // by this composer so nothing was rendered at all
    virtual bool TryRenderWithHwc(layers::Layer* aRoot,
                                  bool aGeometryChanged) override;

    virtual bool Render() override;

    virtual bool HasHwc() override { return mHwc; }

    bool EnableVsync(bool aEnable);
    bool RegisterHwcEventCallback();
    void Vsync(int aDisplay, int64_t aTimestamp);
    void Invalidate();
    void SetCompositorParent(layers::CompositorParent* aCompositorParent);

    // Set EGL info of primary display. Used for BLIT Composition.
    // XXX Add multiple displays compostion support.
    void SetEGLInfo(hwc_display_t aDisplay, hwc_surface_t aSurface, gl::GLContext* aGLContext);

    void Reset();
    void Prepare(buffer_handle_t dispHandle, int fence);
    bool Commit();
    bool TryHwComposition();
    bool ReallocLayerList();
    bool PrepareLayerList(layers::Layer* aContainer, const nsIntRect& aClip,
          const gfx::Matrix& aParentTransform);
    void setCrop(HwcLayer* layer, hwc_rect_t srcCrop);
    void setHwcGeometry(bool aGeometryChanged);
    void SendtoLayerScope();

    HwcDevice*              mHwc;
    HwcList*                mList;
    hwc_display_t           mDpy; // Store for BLIT Composition and GonkDisplayICS
    hwc_surface_t           mSur; // Store for BLIT Composition and GonkDisplayICS
    gl::GLContext*          mGLContext; // Store for BLIT Composition
    nsIntRect               mScreenRect;
    int                     mMaxLayerCount;
    bool                    mColorFill;
    bool                    mRBSwapSupport;
    //Holds all the dynamically allocated RectVectors needed
    //to render the current frame
    std::list<RectVector>   mVisibleRegions;
    android::sp<android::Fence> mPrevRetireFence;
    android::sp<android::Fence> mPrevDisplayFence;
    nsTArray<layers::LayerComposite*> mHwcLayerMap;
    bool                    mPrepared;
    bool                    mHasHWVsync;
    nsRefPtr<layers::CompositorParent> mCompositorParent;
    Mutex mLock;

} // namespace mozilla

#endif // mozilla_HwcComposer2D