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Backed out changesets 5b1a3161f614, 17a9673ed782, and a9b8c346d295 (bug 1052052) for B2G non-unified bustage.

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#ifndef nsDragService_h_
#define nsDragService_h_

#include "nsBaseDragService.h"

#include <Cocoa/Cocoa.h>

extern NSString* const kWildcardPboardType;
extern NSString* const kCorePboardType_url;
extern NSString* const kCorePboardType_urld;
extern NSString* const kCorePboardType_urln;

class nsDragService : public nsBaseDragService

  // nsIDragService
  NS_IMETHOD InvokeDragSession(nsIDOMNode *aDOMNode, nsISupportsArray * anArrayTransferables,
                               nsIScriptableRegion * aRegion, uint32_t aActionType);
  NS_IMETHOD EndDragSession(bool aDoneDrag);

  // nsIDragSession
  NS_IMETHOD GetData(nsITransferable * aTransferable, uint32_t aItemIndex);
  NS_IMETHOD IsDataFlavorSupported(const char *aDataFlavor, bool *_retval);
  NS_IMETHOD GetNumDropItems(uint32_t * aNumItems);

  virtual ~nsDragService();


  NSImage* ConstructDragImage(nsIDOMNode* aDOMNode,
                              nsIntRect* aDragRect,
                              nsIScriptableRegion* aRegion);

  nsCOMPtr<nsISupportsArray> mDataItems; // only valid for a drag started within gecko
  NSView* mNativeDragView;
  NSEvent* mNativeDragEvent;

#endif // nsDragService_h_