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Bug 1519397 - Factor GC locking RAII classes out of vm/Runtime.h r=pbone

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#ifndef gc_Allocator_h
#define gc_Allocator_h

#include "gc/GCLock.h"
#include "gc/Heap.h"
#include "js/RootingAPI.h"

class JSFatInlineString;

namespace js {

struct Class;

// Allocate a new GC thing. After a successful allocation the caller must
// fully initialize the thing before calling any function that can potentially
// trigger GC. This will ensure that GC tracing never sees junk values stored
// in the partially initialized thing.

template <typename T, AllowGC allowGC = CanGC>
T* Allocate(JSContext* cx);

// Use for JSObject. A longer signature that includes additional information in
// support of various optimizations. If dynamic slots are requested they will be
// allocated and the pointer stored directly in |NativeObject::slots_|.
template <typename, AllowGC allowGC = CanGC>
JSObject* Allocate(JSContext* cx, gc::AllocKind kind, size_t nDynamicSlots,
                   gc::InitialHeap heap, const Class* clasp);

// Internal function used for nursery-allocatable strings.
template <typename StringAllocT, AllowGC allowGC = CanGC>
StringAllocT* AllocateString(JSContext* cx, gc::InitialHeap heap);

// Use for nursery-allocatable strings. Returns a value cast to the correct
// type.
template <typename StringT, AllowGC allowGC = CanGC>
StringT* Allocate(JSContext* cx, gc::InitialHeap heap) {
  return static_cast<StringT*>(js::AllocateString<JSString, allowGC>(cx, heap));

// Specialization for JSFatInlineString that must use a different allocation
// type. Note that we have to explicitly specialize for both values of AllowGC
// because partial function specialization is not allowed.
template <>
inline JSFatInlineString* Allocate<JSFatInlineString, CanGC>(
    JSContext* cx, gc::InitialHeap heap) {
  return static_cast<JSFatInlineString*>(
      js::AllocateString<JSFatInlineString, CanGC>(cx, heap));

template <>
inline JSFatInlineString* Allocate<JSFatInlineString, NoGC>(
    JSContext* cx, gc::InitialHeap heap) {
  return static_cast<JSFatInlineString*>(
      js::AllocateString<JSFatInlineString, NoGC>(cx, heap));

}  // namespace js

#endif  // gc_Allocator_h