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import java.util.List;

public interface Actions {
  public enum SpecialKey {

  public interface EventExpecter {
    /** Blocks until the event has been received. Subsequent calls will return immediately. */
    public void blockForEvent();
    /** Polls to see if the event has been received. Once this returns true, subsequent calls will also return true. */
    public boolean eventReceived();

  public interface RepeatedEventExpecter extends EventExpecter {
    /** Blocks until at least one event has been received, and no events have been received in the last <code>millis</code> milliseconds. */
    public void blockUntilClear(long millis);

   * Listens for a gecko event to be sent from the Gecko instance.
   * The returned object can be used to test if the event has been
   * received. Note that only one event is listened for.
   * @param geckoEvent The geckoEvent JSONObject's type
  EventExpecter expectGeckoEvent(String geckoEvent);

   * Listens for a paint event. Note that calling expectPaint() will
   * invalidate the event expecters returned from any previous calls
   * to expectPaint(); calling any methods on those invalidated objects
   * will result in undefined behaviour.
  RepeatedEventExpecter expectPaint();

  // Send the string kewsToSend to the application 
  void sendKeys(String keysToSend);
  //Send any of the above keys to the element
  void sendSpecialKey(SpecialKey button);

  void drag(int startingX, int endingX, int startingY, int endingY);