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Bug 420081 - "Case mismatch between nsIURI and nsIUri in nsIPrincipal.idl" [ (Martin Schröder [mschroeder]) r+sr=jst a1.9=beltzner]

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#ifndef GFX_PATH_H
#define GFX_PATH_H

#include "gfxTypes.h"

struct gfxPoint;
typedef struct cairo_path cairo_path_t;

class THEBES_API gfxFlattenedPath {

    gfxFlattenedPath(cairo_path_t *aPath);

     * Returns calculated total length of path
    gfxFloat GetLength();

     * Returns a point a certain distance along the path.  Return is
     * first or last point of the path if the requested length offset
     * is outside the range for the path.
     * @param aOffset offset inpath parameter space (x=length, y=normal offset)
     * @param aAngle optional - output tangent
    gfxPoint FindPoint(gfxPoint aOffset,
                       gfxFloat *aAngle = nsnull);

    cairo_path_t *mPath;