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Bug 420081 - "Case mismatch between nsIURI and nsIUri in nsIPrincipal.idl" [ (Martin Schröder [mschroeder]) r+sr=jst a1.9=beltzner]

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#include "gfxASurface.h"
#include "gfxContext.h"

/* for the output stream */
#include "nsCOMPtr.h"
#include "nsIOutputStream.h"

class THEBES_API gfxPDFSurface : public gfxASurface {
    gfxPDFSurface(nsIOutputStream *aStream, const gfxSize& aSizeInPonits);
    virtual ~gfxPDFSurface();

    virtual nsresult BeginPrinting(const nsAString& aTitle, const nsAString& aPrintToFileName);
    virtual nsresult EndPrinting();
    virtual nsresult AbortPrinting();
    virtual nsresult BeginPage();
    virtual nsresult EndPage();
    virtual void Finish();

    void SetDPI(double x, double y);
    void GetDPI(double *xDPI, double *yDPI);

    // this is in points!
    const gfxSize& GetSize() const { return mSize; }

    virtual PRInt32 GetDefaultContextFlags() const { return gfxContext::FLAG_DISABLE_SNAPPING; }

    nsCOMPtr<nsIOutputStream> mStream;
    double mXDPI;
    double mYDPI;
    gfxSize mSize;

#endif /* GFX_PDFSURFACE_H */