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#ifndef __NS_IXTFSERVICE_H__
#define __NS_IXTFSERVICE_H__

#include "nsISupports.h"

class nsIContent;
class nsINodeInfo;

// {02AD2ADD-C5EC-4362-BB5F-E2C69BA76151}
#define NS_IXTFSERVICE_IID                             \
  { 0x02ad2add, 0xc5ec, 0x4362, { 0xbb, 0x5f, 0xe2, 0xc6, 0x9b, 0xa7, 0x61, 0x51 } }

class nsIXTFService : public nsISupports

    // try to create an xtf element based on namespace
    virtual nsresult CreateElement(nsIContent** aResult,
                                   nsINodeInfo* aNodeInfo)=0;


// The one class implementing this interface:

// {4EC832DA-6AE7-4185-807B-DADDCB5DA37A}
#define NS_XTFSERVICE_CID                             \
  { 0x4ec832da, 0x6ae7, 0x4185, { 0x80, 0x7b, 0xda, 0xdd, 0xcb, 0x5d, 0xa3, 0x7a } }


nsresult NS_NewXTFService(nsIXTFService** aResult);

#endif // __NS_IXTFSERVICE_H__