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Bug 1211765 - Remove remnants from --with-libxul-sdk. r=bsmedberg The configure option has explicitly thrown an error for more than a year now, and it happens that the remaining way to still forcefully use it has been broken for more than 8 months.

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#include "nsISupports.idl"

 * The nsIScrollable is an interface that can be implemented by a control that
 * supports scrolling.  This is a generic interface without concern for the 
 * type of content that may be inside.
[scriptable, uuid(3507fc93-313e-4a4c-8ca8-4d0ea0f97315)]
interface nsIScrollable : nsISupports
   * Constants declaring the two scroll orientations a scrollbar can be in.
   * ScrollOrientation_X - Horizontal scrolling.  When passing this
   *         in to a method you are requesting or setting data for the
   *         horizontal scrollbar.
   * ScrollOrientation_Y - Vertical scrolling.  When passing this
   *         in to a method you are requesting or setting data for the
   *         vertical scrollbar.
  const long ScrollOrientation_X = 1;
  const long ScrollOrientation_Y = 2;

   * Constants declaring the states of the scrollbars.
   * ScrollPref_Auto - bars visible only when needed.
   * ScrollPref_Never - bars never visible, even when scrolling still possible.
   * ScrollPref_Always - bars always visible, even when scrolling is not possible
  const long Scrollbar_Auto = 1;
  const long Scrollbar_Never = 2;
  const long Scrollbar_Always = 3;

   * Get or set the default scrollbar state for all documents in
   * this shell.
  long getDefaultScrollbarPreferences(in long scrollOrientation);
  void setDefaultScrollbarPreferences(in long scrollOrientation,
                                      in long scrollbarPref);

   * Get information about whether the vertical and horizontal scrollbars are
   * currently visible.  If you are only interested in one of the visibility
   * settings pass nullptr in for the one you aren't interested in.
  void getScrollbarVisibility(out boolean verticalVisible,
                              out boolean horizontalVisible);