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Bug 984226 - Add parameter to OverflowChangedTracker::AddFrame to distingush between frames that need nsIFrame::UpdateOverflow called and frames that only have a transform that has changed. r=dbaron - OverflowChangedTracker::AddFrame now accepts an enumerated type parameter to indicate if the overflow areas of children have changed (CHILDREN_CHANGED), the overflow areas of the children have changed and the parent have changed (CHILDREN_AND_PARENT_CHANGED), or if only the transform has changed (TRANSFORM_CHANGED). - OverflowChangedTracker::Flush no longer falls back to calling nsIFrame::UpdateOverflow when a frame lacks a PreTransformOverflowAreas property. - Added an additional change hint, nsChangeHint_ChildrenOnlyTransform, which results in TRANSFORM_CHANGED being passed in to OverflowChangedTracker::AddFrame. - In nsIFrame::FinishAndStoreOverflow, the passed in overflow is now stored as the InitialTransformProperty for elements that are IsTransformed(). - Partially corrected Bug 926155, by only calling OverflowChangedTracker::AddFrame on parents of the sticky element during StickyScrollContainer::UpdatePositions, using CHILDREN_CHANGED.

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