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#include "nsISupports.idl"

interface nsICancelable;
interface nsIEventTarget;
interface nsIDNSRecord;
interface nsIDNSListener;

 * nsIDNSService
[scriptable, uuid(3ac9e611-e6b6-44b5-b312-c040e65b2929)]
interface nsIDNSService : nsISupports
     * kicks off an asynchronous host lookup.
     * @param aHostName
     *        the hostname or IP-address-literal to resolve.
     * @param aFlags
     *        a bitwise OR of the RESOLVE_ prefixed constants defined below.
     * @param aListener
     *        the listener to be notified when the result is available.
     * @param aListenerTarget
     *        optional parameter (may be null).  if non-null, this parameter
     *        specifies the nsIEventTarget of the thread on which the
     *        listener's onLookupComplete should be called.  however, if this
     *        parameter is null, then onLookupComplete will be called on an
     *        unspecified thread (possibly recursively).
     * @return An object that can be used to cancel the host lookup.
    nsICancelable asyncResolve(in AUTF8String       aHostName,
                               in unsigned long     aFlags,
                               in nsIDNSListener    aListener,
                               in nsIEventTarget    aListenerTarget);

     * called to synchronously resolve a hostname.  warning this method may
     * block the calling thread for a long period of time.  it is extremely
     * unwise to call this function on the UI thread of an application.
     * @param aHostName
     *        the hostname or IP-address-literal to resolve.
     * @param aFlags
     *        a bitwise OR of the RESOLVE_ prefixed constants defined below.
     * @return DNS record corresponding to the given hostname.
     * @throws NS_ERROR_UNKNOWN_HOST if host could not be resolved.
    nsIDNSRecord resolve(in AUTF8String   aHostName,
                         in unsigned long aFlags);

     * @return the hostname of the operating system.
    readonly attribute AUTF8String myHostName;

     * Listed below are the various flags that may be OR'd together to form
     * the aFlags parameter passed to asyncResolve() and resolve().

     * if set, this flag suppresses the internal DNS lookup cache.
    const unsigned long RESOLVE_BYPASS_CACHE = (1 << 0);

     * if set, the canonical name of the specified host will be queried.
    const unsigned long RESOLVE_CANONICAL_NAME = (1 << 1);