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Bug 1304302 part 10 - Replace all uses of StyleSheetHandle. r=heycam This commit is generated by the following commands with some minor manual adjustment: find . \( -name '*.h' -or -name '*.cpp' \) -not -path './layout/style/StyleSheet*' -exec sed -i -b \ -e '/^\(#include\|using\)/s/StyleSheetHandle/StyleSheet/g' \ -e 's/\(mozilla::\)\?StyleSheetHandle::RefPtr/RefPtr<\1StyleSheet>/g' \ -e 's/StyleSheetHandle()/nullptr/g' \ -e 's/->AsStyleSheet()//g' \ -e 's/StyleSheetHandle/StyleSheet*/g' {} + sed -i -b 's/sheet->AsVoidPtr()/sheet.get()/' layout/style/Loader.cpp sed -i -b 's/AsHandle()/this/' layout/style/StyleSheet.cpp MozReview-Commit-ID: 7abdvlKHukd

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#ifndef nsXBLPrototypeResources_h__
#define nsXBLPrototypeResources_h__

#include "mozilla/StyleSheet.h"
#include "nsICSSLoaderObserver.h"

class nsCSSRuleProcessor;
class nsIAtom;
class nsIContent;
class nsXBLPrototypeBinding;
class nsXBLResourceLoader;

namespace mozilla {
class CSSStyleSheet;
} // namespace mozilla

// *********************************************************************/
// The XBLPrototypeResources class

class nsXBLPrototypeResources
  explicit nsXBLPrototypeResources(nsXBLPrototypeBinding* aBinding);

  void LoadResources(bool* aResult);
  void AddResource(nsIAtom* aResourceType, const nsAString& aSrc);
  void AddResourceListener(nsIContent* aElement);
  nsresult FlushSkinSheets();

  nsresult Write(nsIObjectOutputStream* aStream);

  void Traverse(nsCycleCollectionTraversalCallback &cb);
  void Unlink();

  void ClearLoader();

  void AppendStyleSheet(mozilla::StyleSheet* aSheet);
  void RemoveStyleSheet(mozilla::StyleSheet* aSheet);
  void InsertStyleSheetAt(size_t aIndex, mozilla::StyleSheet* aSheet);
  mozilla::StyleSheet* StyleSheetAt(size_t aIndex) const;
  size_t SheetCount() const;
  bool HasStyleSheets() const;
  void AppendStyleSheetsTo(nsTArray<mozilla::StyleSheet*>& aResult) const;

   * Recreates mRuleProcessor to represent the current list of style sheets
   * stored in mStyleSheetList.  (Named GatherRuleProcessor to parallel
   * nsStyleSet::GatherRuleProcessors.)
  void GatherRuleProcessor();

  nsCSSRuleProcessor* GetRuleProcessor() const { return mRuleProcessor; }

  // A loader object. Exists only long enough to load resources, and then it dies.
  RefPtr<nsXBLResourceLoader> mLoader;

  // A list of loaded stylesheets for this binding.
  nsTArray<RefPtr<mozilla::StyleSheet>> mStyleSheetList;

  // The list of stylesheets converted to a rule processor.
  RefPtr<nsCSSRuleProcessor> mRuleProcessor;