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#ifndef mozilla_dom_ContentProcessManager_h
#define mozilla_dom_ContentProcessManager_h

#include <map>
#include <set>
#include "mozilla/StaticPtr.h"
#include "mozilla/dom/TabContext.h"
#include "mozilla/dom/ipc/IdType.h"
#include "nsTArray.h"

namespace mozilla {
namespace dom {
class ContentParent;

struct RemoteFrameInfo {
  ContentParentId mOpenerCpId;
  TabId mOpenerTabId;
  TabContext mContext;

struct ContentProcessInfo {
  ContentParent* mCp;
  ContentParentId mParentCpId;
  std::set<ContentParentId> mChildrenCpId;
  std::map<TabId, RemoteFrameInfo> mRemoteFrames;

class ContentProcessManager final {
  static ContentProcessManager* GetSingleton();
  ~ContentProcessManager() { MOZ_COUNT_DTOR(ContentProcessManager); };

   * Add a new content process into the map.
   * If aParentCpId is not 0, it's a nested content process.
  void AddContentProcess(
      ContentParent* aChildCp,
      const ContentParentId& aParentCpId = ContentParentId(0));
   * Remove the content process by id.
  void RemoveContentProcess(const ContentParentId& aChildCpId);
   * Add a grandchild content process into the map.
   * aParentCpId must be already added in the map by AddContentProcess().
  bool AddGrandchildProcess(const ContentParentId& aParentCpId,
                            const ContentParentId& aChildCpId);
   * Get the parent process's id by child process's id.
   * Used to check if a child really belongs to the parent.
  bool GetParentProcessId(const ContentParentId& aChildCpId,
                          /*out*/ ContentParentId* aParentCpId);
   * Return the ContentParent pointer by id.
  ContentParent* GetContentProcessById(const ContentParentId& aChildCpId);

   * Return a list of all child process's id.
  nsTArray<ContentParentId> GetAllChildProcessById(
      const ContentParentId& aParentCpId);

   * Register RemoteFrameInfo with given tab id.
   * Used when a content process wants to create a new tab. aOpenerTabId and
   * aContext are saved in RemoteFrameInfo, which is a part of
   * ContentProcessInfo.  We can use the tab id and process id to locate the
   * TabContext for future use.
  bool RegisterRemoteFrame(const TabId& aTabId,
                           const ContentParentId& aOpenerCpId,
                           const TabId& aOpenerTabId,
                           const IPCTabContext& aContext,
                           const ContentParentId& aChildCpId);

   * Remove the RemoteFrameInfo by the given process and tab id.
  void UnregisterRemoteFrame(const ContentParentId& aChildCpId,
                             const TabId& aChildTabId);

   * Get the TabContext by the given content process and tab id.
  bool GetTabContextByProcessAndTabId(const ContentParentId& aChildCpId,
                                      const TabId& aChildTabId,
                                      /*out*/ TabContext* aTabContext);

   * Get all TabContext which are inside the given content process.
  nsTArray<TabContext> GetTabContextByContentProcess(
      const ContentParentId& aChildCpId);

   * Query a tab's opener id by the given process and tab id.
   * XXX Currently not used. Plan to be used for bug 1020179.
  bool GetRemoteFrameOpenerTabId(const ContentParentId& aChildCpId,
                                 const TabId& aChildTabId,
                                 /*out*/ ContentParentId* aOpenerCpId,
                                 /*out*/ TabId* aOpenerTabId);

   * Get the ContentParentId of the parent of the given tab id.
  ContentParentId GetTabProcessId(const TabId& aTabId);

   * Get all TabParents' Ids managed by the givent content process.
   * Return empty array when TabParent couldn't be found via aChildCpId
  nsTArray<TabId> GetTabParentsByProcessId(const ContentParentId& aChildCpId);

   * Get the number of TabParents managed by the givent content process.
   * Return 0 when TabParent couldn't be found via aChildCpId.
  uint32_t GetTabParentCountByProcessId(const ContentParentId& aChildCpId);

   * Get the TabParent by the given content process and tab id.
   * Return nullptr when TabParent couldn't be found via aChildCpId
   * and aChildTabId.
   * (or probably because the TabParent is not in the chrome process)
  already_AddRefed<TabParent> GetTabParentByProcessAndTabId(
      const ContentParentId& aChildCpId, const TabId& aChildTabId);

   * Get the TabParent on top level by the given content process and tab id.
   *  This function return the TabParent belong to the chrome process,
   *  called top-level TabParent here, by given aChildCpId and aChildTabId.
   *  The given aChildCpId and aChildTabId are related to a content process
   *  and a tab respectively. In nested-oop, the top-level TabParent isn't
   *  always the opener tab of the given tab in content process. This function
   *  will call GetTabParentByProcessAndTabId iteratively until the Tab returned
   *  is belong to the chrome process.
  already_AddRefed<TabParent> GetTopLevelTabParentByProcessAndTabId(
      const ContentParentId& aChildCpId, const TabId& aChildTabId);

  static StaticAutoPtr<ContentProcessManager> sSingleton;
  std::map<ContentParentId, ContentProcessInfo> mContentParentMap;
  std::map<TabId, ContentParentId> mTabProcessMap;

  ContentProcessManager() { MOZ_COUNT_CTOR(ContentProcessManager); };

}  // namespace dom
}  // namespace mozilla

#endif  // mozilla_dom_ContentProcessManager_h