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Bug 1521884 - Use proper case for maxLength attribute in datetimebox widget. r=Gijs In non-HTML documents, getAttribute is not case-insensitive. Differential Revision:

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#include "nsISupports.idl"


interface imgIRequest;

[scriptable, uuid(87c27f98-37dc-4b64-a8cd-92003624bcee)]
interface nsIImageDocument : nsISupports {

  /* Whether the image is overflowing visible area. */
  readonly attribute boolean imageIsOverflowing;

  /* Whether the image has been resized to fit visible area. */
  readonly attribute boolean imageIsResized;

  /* The image request being displayed in the content area */
  readonly attribute imgIRequest imageRequest;

  /* Resize the image to fit visible area. */
  void shrinkToFit();

  /* Restore image original size. */
  void restoreImage();

  /* Restore the image, trying to keep a certain pixel in the same position.
   * The coordinate system is that of the shrunken image.
  void restoreImageTo(in long x, in long y);

  /* A helper method for switching between states.
   * The switching logic is as follows. If the image has been resized
   * restore image original size, otherwise if the image is overflowing
   * current visible area resize the image to fit the area.
  void toggleImageSize();