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Bug 376041 - Link browser components against the CRT statically (on Windows), to solve CRT embedding issues, r=luser

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#include "nsISupports.idl"

 * Provides access to crash reporting functionality.
 * @status UNSTABLE - This interface is not frozen and will probably change in
 *                    future releases.

[scriptable, uuid(da7020ad-fad4-443e-b02b-c5cc9d482e2f)]
interface nsICrashReporter : nsISupports
   * Add some extra data to be submitted with a crash report.
   * @param key
   *        Name of the data to be added.
   * @param data
   *        Data to be added.
   * @throw NS_ERROR_NOT_INITIALIZED if crash reporting not initialized
   * @throw NS_ERROR_INVALID_ARG if key or data contain invalid characters.
   *                             Invalid characters for key are '=' and
   *                             '\n'.  Invalid character for data is '\0'.
  void annotateCrashReport(in ACString key, in ACString data);