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Bug 918386 - Add webidl for adapter subsys. Only relevant on Windows. r=vvukicevic.

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#ifndef __mozilla_widget_GfxInfo_h__
#define __mozilla_widget_GfxInfo_h__

#include "GfxInfoBase.h"

#include "nsString.h"

namespace mozilla {
namespace widget {

class GfxInfo : public GfxInfoBase

  // We only declare the subset of nsIGfxInfo that we actually implement. The
  // rest is brought forward from GfxInfoBase.
  NS_IMETHOD GetD2DEnabled(bool *aD2DEnabled);
  NS_IMETHOD GetDWriteEnabled(bool *aDWriteEnabled);
  NS_IMETHOD GetDWriteVersion(nsAString & aDwriteVersion);
  NS_IMETHOD GetCleartypeParameters(nsAString & aCleartypeParams);
  NS_IMETHOD GetAdapterDescription(nsAString & aAdapterDescription);
  NS_IMETHOD GetAdapterDriver(nsAString & aAdapterDriver);
  NS_IMETHOD GetAdapterVendorID(nsAString & aAdapterVendorID);
  NS_IMETHOD GetAdapterDeviceID(nsAString & aAdapterDeviceID);
  NS_IMETHOD GetAdapterSubsysID(nsAString & aAdapterSubsysID);
  NS_IMETHOD GetAdapterRAM(nsAString & aAdapterRAM);
  NS_IMETHOD GetAdapterDriverVersion(nsAString & aAdapterDriverVersion);
  NS_IMETHOD GetAdapterDriverDate(nsAString & aAdapterDriverDate);
  NS_IMETHOD GetAdapterDescription2(nsAString & aAdapterDescription);
  NS_IMETHOD GetAdapterDriver2(nsAString & aAdapterDriver);
  NS_IMETHOD GetAdapterVendorID2(nsAString & aAdapterVendorID);
  NS_IMETHOD GetAdapterDeviceID2(nsAString & aAdapterDeviceID);
  NS_IMETHOD GetAdapterSubsysID2(nsAString & aAdapterSubsysID);
  NS_IMETHOD GetAdapterRAM2(nsAString & aAdapterRAM);
  NS_IMETHOD GetAdapterDriverVersion2(nsAString & aAdapterDriverVersion);
  NS_IMETHOD GetAdapterDriverDate2(nsAString & aAdapterDriverDate);
  NS_IMETHOD GetIsGPU2Active(bool *aIsGPU2Active);

  using GfxInfoBase::GetFeatureStatus;
  using GfxInfoBase::GetFeatureSuggestedDriverVersion;
  using GfxInfoBase::GetWebGLParameter;

  virtual nsresult Init();

#ifdef DEBUG

  virtual uint32_t OperatingSystemVersion() MOZ_OVERRIDE { return mOSXVersion; }


  virtual ~GfxInfo() {}

  virtual nsresult GetFeatureStatusImpl(int32_t aFeature, 
                                        int32_t *aStatus, 
                                        nsAString & aSuggestedDriverVersion, 
                                        const nsTArray<GfxDriverInfo>& aDriverInfo,
                                        OperatingSystem* aOS = nullptr);
  virtual const nsTArray<GfxDriverInfo>& GetGfxDriverInfo();


  void GetDeviceInfo();
  void AddCrashReportAnnotations();

  nsString mAdapterRAMString;
  nsString mDeviceID;
  nsString mDriverVersion;
  nsString mDriverDate;
  nsString mDeviceKey;

  nsString mAdapterVendorID;
  nsString mAdapterDeviceID;

  uint32_t mOSXVersion;

} // namespace widget
} // namespace mozilla

#endif /* __mozilla_widget_GfxInfo_h__ */