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#ifndef nsPrintDialog_h__
#define nsPrintDialog_h__

#include "nsIPrintDialogService.h"

class nsIPrintSettings;

// Copy the print pages enum here because not all versions
// have SELECTION, which we will use
typedef enum {
} _GtkPrintPages;

class nsPrintDialogServiceGTK : public nsIPrintDialogService {
  virtual ~nsPrintDialogServiceGTK();



  NS_IMETHOD Init() override;
  NS_IMETHOD Show(nsPIDOMWindowOuter *aParent, nsIPrintSettings *aSettings,
                  nsIWebBrowserPrint *aWebBrowserPrint) override;
  NS_IMETHOD ShowPageSetup(nsPIDOMWindowOuter *aParent,
                           nsIPrintSettings *aSettings) override;