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Wed Sep 19 01:11:39 2018 +0000
6546ee839d3002b595765008da323eb2422f0317Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 1489744 - Fix a bounds violation crash in the prefs parser. r=glandium, a=RyanVM
300efdbc9fe1f9165428c7934861033935b5abfaDavid Keeler — Bug 1475775 - Clean up old NSS DB file after upgrade if necessary. r=franziskus, r=mattn, a=RyanVM
80a4a7ef281374dbb2afda8edac54665b14b9ef8Dana Keeler — Bug 1490585 - Ensure we got an nsISSLStatus when deserializing in TransportSecurityInfo. r=jcj, a=RyanVM