Bug 1329075 - Avoid an infinite event loop spin. r=jesup, a=jcristau
authorAndreas Pehrson <pehrsons@gmail.com>
Mon, 09 Jan 2017 19:10:48 +0100
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reviewersjesup, jcristau
Bug 1329075 - Avoid an infinite event loop spin. r=jesup, a=jcristau Because we add tracks to the output streams async, it's possible to switch the mSrcStream of a media element and *then* get a notification of an added track, when this track originated from the old mSrcStream. If the new mSrcStream is an output stream of the media element, this would again add a new track async, which on the next event loop spin would show up on mSrcStream, and the loop continues. MozReview-Commit-ID: HmKgXLYmubh
--- a/dom/html/HTMLMediaElement.cpp
+++ b/dom/html/HTMLMediaElement.cpp
@@ -2581,16 +2581,22 @@ HTMLMediaElement::AddCaptureMediaTrackTo
                                                      bool aAsyncAddtrack)
   if (aOutputStream.mCapturingDecoder) {
   aOutputStream.mCapturingMediaStream = true;
+  if (aOutputStream.mStream == mSrcStream) {
+    // Cycle detected. This can happen since tracks are added async.
+    // We avoid forwarding it to the output here or we'd get into an infloop.
+    return;
+  }
   MediaStream* outputSource = aOutputStream.mStream->GetInputStream();
   if (!outputSource) {
     NS_ERROR("No output source stream");
   ProcessedMediaStream* processedOutputSource =