Bug 1348796 - Use buildbot --platform arg to determine --enable-debug vs --disable-debug. r=arai, a=test-only
authorSteve Fink <sfink@mozilla.com>
Mon, 20 Mar 2017 10:11:43 -0700
changeset 355485 7d3584b75f20808d8cf85ff7c281ea1ad102e4b7
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push dateTue, 28 Mar 2017 22:55:05 +0000
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reviewersarai, test-only
Bug 1348796 - Use buildbot --platform arg to determine --enable-debug vs --disable-debug. r=arai, a=test-only
--- a/js/src/devtools/automation/autospider.py
+++ b/js/src/devtools/automation/autospider.py
@@ -34,17 +34,17 @@ DIR = directories(os.path, os.getcwd())
 PDIR = directories(posixpath, os.environ["PWD"],
                    fixup=lambda s: re.sub(r'^(\w):', r'/\1', s))
 parser = argparse.ArgumentParser(
     description='Run a spidermonkey shell build job')
 parser.add_argument('--dep', action='store_true',
                     help='do not clobber the objdir before building')
 parser.add_argument('--platform', '-p', type=str, metavar='PLATFORM',
-                    default='', help='build platform')
+                    default='', help='build platform, including a suffix ("-debug" or "") used by buildbot to override the variant\'s "debug" setting. The platform can be used to specify 32 vs 64 bits.')
 parser.add_argument('--timeout', '-t', type=int, metavar='TIMEOUT',
                     help='kill job after TIMEOUT seconds')
 parser.add_argument('--objdir', type=str, metavar='DIR',
                     default=env.get('OBJDIR', 'obj-spider'),
                     help='object directory')
 group = parser.add_mutually_exclusive_group()
 group.add_argument('--optimize', action='store_true',
@@ -153,16 +153,19 @@ CONFIGURE_ARGS = variant['configure-args
 opt = args.optimize
 if opt is None:
     opt = variant.get('optimize')
 if opt is not None:
     CONFIGURE_ARGS += (" --enable-optimize" if opt else " --disable-optimize")
 opt = args.debug
+if opt is None and args.platform:
+    # Override variant['debug'].
+    opt = ('-debug' in args.platform)
 if opt is None:
     opt = variant.get('debug')
 if opt is not None:
     CONFIGURE_ARGS += (" --enable-debug" if opt else " --disable-debug")
 # Any jobs that wish to produce additional output can save them into the upload
 # directory if there is such a thing, falling back to OBJDIR.
 env.setdefault('MOZ_UPLOAD_DIR', OBJDIR)