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Thu Feb 23 16:15:54 2017 +0000
8f3d880fd1b1ffe2f627831e93da37821346e13dRail Aliiev — Bug 1337366 - SHA1 repacks configs for ESR52 r=jlund a=release DONTBUILD
e2a6d2b4f1b4b8e0c77d057bc012fb20a18df2f5Jeff Muizelaar — Bug 1335149 - Remove unnecessary flush() calls from canvas implementation. r=bas, a=jcristau
503ac51dde21933eca73532fd8f948cb1f9a7f4fRyan VanderMeulen — Bug 1311239 - Skip HSTS priming mochitests on debug builds since they're timeout-prone and not shipping in this release. a=test-only
5e8888436efbedd01db019a5fd503795f3c8fdacJan-Ivar Bruaroey — Bug 1341409 - Fix omission of advanced constraints in applying camera constraints. r=jesup, a=jcristau
4a51d1339b8f658f7b80d8f9d07d81122a0aeaf6Nathan Froyd — Bug 1339617 - Move GetClosure call prior to canceling timer. r=mayhemer, a=jcristau
2cfe593873d0d88aa99b8402cd2351ce4d913f93Michael Kaply — Bug 1339643 - Add English Yandex search engine to en-US/GB for testing. r=flod a=jcristau
6d4cf63783345d0c22410cdf09424487046f8c7fBenjamin Bouvier — Bug 1341080 - Provide an empty filename if the wasm caller doesn't have one in DescribeScriptedCaller. r=luke, a=jcristau
484c20783a1b530cc00c9e2a2cd93ebf3026d2e3Alessio Placitelli — Bug 1338099 - Fix the source packager to produce a non empty sourcestamp.txt file. r=ted, a=jcristau
08169479d28fb049c61104dff59f71f030fee0daMark Banner — Bug 1341338 - feedType is undefined in FeedConverter#handleResult. r=jaws, a=jcristau
37d108f28d69fd4171f9b94f2840e5bbf71fc6f9Henry Chang — Bug 1313711 - Fix track element CORS bug. r=dveditz, a=jcristau
50ee31c6c5ce16592f8ce4217525238e55b5f93fAndrew McCreight — Bug 1336811 - Clear mWaitingForOnStopRequest in CloseRequest. r=smaug a=jcristau
2c308b73cf7dbb3d655247143a2803f39ec33f01Ryan VanderMeulen — Bug 1312981, bug 1313136 - Skip browser_capture_doorhanger_window_open.js on Linux for frequent failures. a=test-only
67ec955c09a072d5ce0f310ac28c78e1775dc8c0Paul Adenot — Bug 1228226 - Backed out changeset 2553c3b5ba89. a=jcristau
10bce9625147fe39903884dfe20c04eb7f899a98Jonathan Kew — Bug 1295299 - Cherry-pick harfbuzz fix 44f7d6ecde9bf7427a05cbe73ed5d668b8a72b2a. r=jrmuizel, a=jcristau
c17f3d7837f05b322d05557d2ec521bb47c327ccHenri Sivonen — Bug 1334290 - Remove useless fields from nsScanner. r=mrbkap, a=jcristau
ed33bb3a76d34c73a67c13a309236ca4b5380f8aHenri Sivonen — Bug 1334246. r=mrbkap, a=jcristau
e48cd1b9b444927fe3c6b5d68a5871061c54a1dfJon Coppeard — Bug 1336467 - Don't blacken weakmap key unless both the delegate and the map are black. r=mccr8, a=jcristau
ddf62df9e2e20833218f05a844615e846ab4d64fJan Henning — Bug 1337264 - Don't depend on page title changes for updating the displayed URL. r=sebastian, a=jcristau
dd602dd794e8cf7124e353f9ad6e8bd3ed2e7421Jonathan Hao — Bug 1334468 - A crashtest about restricted characters in URI. r=mcmanus, a=test-only
627d5544b9c047c09943fd5a4bee683fdf41172aValentin Gosu — Bug 1337629 - Restrict allowed hostname characters. r=mcmanus, a=jcristau
094a86d66f7616c79d5502f27c4556d91e1aea52André Bargull — Bug 1333197 - Lazily initialize default timezone in DateTimeFormat prototype. r=Waldo, a=jcristau
3aaf82595ea5f1b6270741b70f4a394103a4150aDavid Keeler — Bug 1330043 - Disable SHA-1 in signatures on certificates issued by publicly-trusted roots. r=jcj, a=jcristau
9170cc2ab18df31eaf7fffc5b6b5a26ebcbb4ec3Lee Salzman — Bug 1303094 - make SourceSurfaceSkia allocation fallible by using sk_malloc. r=mchang a=jcristau
60618c6f74d22b886b776403876e7acb6e42aeabBlake Kaplan — Bug 1307015 - Remove CPOWs from browser_bug623893.js. r=felipe, a=test-only
c8cefb50d5a80b546777cc712d4de17ca92154f3Dão Gottwald — Bug 1338522 - Add telemetry for UI responsiveness during import of profile data from another browser. r=francois,Gijs a=jcristau