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Wed Apr 15 02:06:38 2015 +0000
91df81e2edacbc3e3324426d20c6b877aeec236dMark Hammond — Bug 1148701 - React to Backoff and Retry-After headers from Reading List server. r=adw, a=sledru
1412c445ff0d669a68c8d02a0e52bcde34fdddfdRichard Newman — Bug 1153358 - Client mitigation: don't upload stored_on. r=nalexander, a=sledru
4cc36a9a958bef871bb2376269001e96186f1d3aMilan Sreckovic — Bug 1152331 - If we do not delete indices array, it gets picked up down the line and breaks some assumptions in aboutSupport.js. r=dvander, a=sledru
f5d0342230c012045e222f1df377077de708f80bCameron McCormack — Bug 1153693 - Only call ReleaseRef on nsStyle{ClipPath,Filter} once when setting a new value. r=dbaron, a=sledru
3beb9cbddb3f56062f42da325987a0ff4f0015f8Chris Pearce — Bug 1143278 - Support IYUV and I420 in gmp-clearkey on Windows, as Win 7 Enterprise N's H.264 decoder doesn't output I420. r=edwin, a=sledru
dfce472edd1e3a5c6ebc2893cc7dc9508bcad44eChris Pearce — Bug 1143278 - Use a different CLSID to instantiate the H264 decoder MFT in gmp-clearkey, as Win 7 Enterprise N requires that. r=edwin, a=sledru
5779893b39a5749a5f226301b441a34969f9d52fChris Pearce — Bug 1143278 - Add more null checks in gmp-clearkey's decoders. r=edwin, a=sledru
f9f96ba1dbdb3e920d4bdb567dd7dc038b7b0366Chris Pearce — Bug 1143278 - Make gmp-clearkey not require a Win8 only DLL to decode audio on Win7. r=edwin, a=sledru
48976876cdb93e7721ab7243d2de25420f945bf2Tim Nguyen — Bug 1013714 - Remove old OSX focusring from links in in-content prefs. r=Gijs, a=sledru
9e1bf10888cd0a06fa1d9981aa5e246189089af9Jared Wein — Bug 1152327 - ReadingListUI.init() should be called from delayedStartup, not onLoad. r=gavin, a=sledru
7af104b169fa58f95c5e221d7dcac62805401d64Brian Grinstead — Bug 1151259 - Switch <toolbar> to <box> to get rid of -moz-appearance styles for devtools sidebar. r=jryans, a=sledru
5ca4e237b259a78f2328ebc6f39f48524c4c2328Shu-yu Guo — Bug 996982 - Fix Debugger script delazification logic to account for relazified clones. r=bz, a=sledru
87f3453f6cc0a1a91810d835337092d8ab181bd0Mark Hammond — Bug 1151666 - Fix intermittent orange by reducing verified timer intervals and always using mock storage. r=zaach, a=test-only
d1e3ce033c7af21d0c5b2cfffdd6b3ac4e2913d7Sami Jaktholm — Bug 1150005 - Don't wait for "editor-selected" event in browser_styleeditor_fetch-from-cache.js as it may have already been emitted. r=bgrins, a=test-only
b2d1be38dab17bd998e156adb64a37f8b76d80e3JW Wang — Bug 1080685 - Add more debug aids and longer timeout. r=edwin, a=test-only
bf3ca76f10c3f53e0c8f94928426b2b4f3332a3fJW Wang — Bug 1153739 - Make Log() usable outside EME test cases. r=edwin, a=test-only