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Fri Feb 17 14:19:07 2017 +0000
41c9d8ee2649f82bddff7038fd0dfd04f05a6664ffxbld — No bug, Automated blocklist update from host bld-linux64-spot-309 - a=blocklist-update
aa37f468f432c0de882aa23d51c01cdf90339389Nick Thomas — Bug 1337245 - Disable solaris bouncer entries for Firefox releases, r=rail, a=release DONTBUILD
820bc5bd3120853d611af1056f4a2b35528bb927Dão Gottwald — Bug 1339413 - Implement prefs for capping the amount of history we import from Chrome. r=Gijs, a=jcristau FIREFOX_52_0b7_BUILD1 FIREFOX_52_0b7_RELEASE
34b59d9839904cc0ea3029f1c58636136d3774b1Panos Astithas — Bug 1336352 - Don't autofocus buttons when about:certerror is embedded in an iframe. r=nhnt11, a=jcristau
eeb452d52bd3bf4a47fdbdfc088c75aa7dbe788aRyan VanderMeulen — Bug 1339321 - Upgrade to SQLite 3.17.0. r=mak, a=jcristau
7c6a0bf511258357cfcefd5dacb32ac5b737cafcDão Gottwald — Bug 1336434 - "Your Top Sites" heading should say "Top Sites" instead when using the default set. r=Gijs, a=jcristau
55e1886a334b4c4a02216f4d041031465e83be60Matt Woodrow — Bug 1319825 - Update the overflow areas of all descendants when we toggle opacity on a preserve-3d frame. r=tnikkel, a=jcristau
23b17b9d6a4e3344ec1e15966a5f35b619db84ffDaniel Stenberg — Bug 1336069 - Init class member before return. r=mcmanus, a=jcristau
4c610461220556dec23dfc2344226e89cb15c3e8Dave Townsend — Bug 1326245 - Tell the child processes when we're in safe mode. r=smaug, a=jcristau
ce5e991a8c21a07aae4728954da8ce7b89f35d4aEdouard Oger — Bug 1337026 - Cache the FxA profile in the UI. r=markh, a=jcristau
70c5423836559a88757e8266feb082d41c89b2f4Edouard Oger — Bug 1335538 - Don't fetch the FxA profile on every UI update in browser-fxaccounts. r=markh, a=jcristau
cad98b3b5310a1ed5c2954cd437c9e7f3653be1cAndrea Marchesini — Bug 1333384 - nsTemporaryFileInputStream::ReadSegments must consider the stream as closed if PR_Read() return 0. r=bkelly, a=jcristau
9a1191022c63f8435b55d0a8ec85b0a869877ceaLuke Wagner — Bug 1338002 - Baldr: temporarily accept both 0xd and 0x1; backout bug 1324032. r=sunfish, a=jcristau
1c01e2aa7bf03f963d6f722c029459900deae30eDragana Damjanovic — Bug 1338876 - Read ww-auth properly. r=mcmanus, a=jcristau
3f038bf69b8fc31164bffa3d6a0710e1b1ee45fdRyan VanderMeulen — Bug 1339612 - Update libogg to version 1.3.2. r=rillian, a=jcristau
1726fe19115e3848d333b7aa34b153ef1a9a68afJon Coppeard — Bug 1338383 - Clear gcZoneGroupEdges set when finding zone groups fails due to over-recursion. r=sfink, a=jcristau
d0d5f1187d755b0d1fc65baaecd0ca2e5d16d842Carsten "Tomcat" Book — Bug 1315248 bustage fix a=bustagefix
24e3db5779eec35acf41000ae09b9190825fb5f7Ryan Hunt — Bug 1338891 - Backout telemetry scroll tracking. r=smaug a=jcristau
372604365ac4232b96c59e5b0819e28b1a47ad09John Dai — Bug 1338889 - Part 2: Support DOMString as Argument 3 of Document.createElementNS. r=bz a=jcristau
fe7d82eec131b1752e8254e7e3cac0ffec8bcf3dJohn Dai — Bug 1338889 - Part 1: Remove redundant trailing spaces. r=bz a=jcristau
b9a1b65ec6106cf981735177628e8c28edce7bfdGeorg Fritzsche — Bug 1339365 - Move Histogram ID validity checks to outer API. r=chutten a=jcristau
23b6c61a00882647e9275d67a5d608fd83f04915JW Wang — Bug 1339351 - fix typo. r=kaku a=jcristau
189be0f13dfce7ddd53c8d4c15e0a9aa2bb7fadcJan Henning — Bug 1338893 - Don't use the window on application-foreground if it doesn't yet exist. r=sebastian, a=jcristau
7703bdf63084d45879fdad3d71f455ecd47b309eJunior Hsu — Bug 1338154 - not normalize ipv4 for resource and chrome uri. r=valentin a=jcristau
a2a86679f818b5b54a1a0cbb2b56dbb0fa3428d8Jan Beich — Bug 1334777 - Hide unused has_avx() if CXXFLAGS have -mavx. r=glandium a=jcristau
b144dd6dc8122b407a4fa9079dd253f4d7717bd3Benjamin Smedberg — Bug 1334080 - If a plugin is associated with a window that has no nsIWebNavigation, don't crash, r=qdot a=jcristau
fac7be108937e914e9db5b479f7c9d20eee12b0aMatt Howell — Bug 1333789 - Try to avoid UAC prompts during automated installations using INI files. r=agashlin a=gchang a=jcristau
1eb3b2fe8c268badd4ec23a6f751a963247d0827Johann Hofmann — Bug 1328740 - Focus popup notification panels on anchor icon keypress. r=florian a=jcristau
85636236764360abbdf59aae2009c0f0e7360ec1Honza Bambas — Bug 1325655 - Let HttpChannelParent::ConnectChannel delete itself if redirect target nsHttpChannel is not found registered. r=valentin a=jcristau
d4c847e22d29ba95a19ee9307dbcee01ce79394aHonza Bambas — Bug 1325655 - Let HttpChannelParent::ConnectChannel hard-fail when no nsHttpChannel is not found registered. r=jduell a=jcristau
5701c0b8b4b8814647a1a4ec022785caab146424Alexander Surkov — Bug 1321384 - attempt to fix a wrong index issue on accessible child removal, r=eeejay a=jcristau
c05d4fe691177b899b08142f7c106b7b642221b5Karl Tomlinson — Bug 1319957 - don't realize widgets for their style r=stransky+263117 a=jcristau
6662ad2a09b6cda441b380570177ba60549e362dDrew Willcoxon — Bug 1316566 - Search settings button moves to its own line with 150% zoom. r=florian a=jcristau
0d1e2aa8c0c2e4c244cc3f47b4cfe9e2c820d9b2Nils Ohlmeier [:drno] — Bug 1315248: ensure socket is available for connect and send. r=schien a=jcristau
446c05b65b97cffe035811e6ceb104ee03deb207Julian Seward — Bug 1245477 - Crashes in lul::DerefTUW. r=nfroyd a=jcristau
d273229cde3cccea129e2450ec1234e9ac51efc4Jan Varga — Bug 1313176 - Fail index/cursor operations gracefully if they need preprocessing. This fixes the crash when devtools try to inspect idb databases with WebAssembly modules). It's a temporary fix until we implement preprocessing for indexes and cursors. A bunch of new tests is added to test indexes and cursors with wasm; r=asuth a=jcristau