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Bug 1039866 - Rip out a bunch of metro-only code. r=jimm,gavin,rstrong

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#ifndef mozilla_ipc_Ril_h
#define mozilla_ipc_Ril_h 1

#include <mozilla/dom/workers/Workers.h>
#include <mozilla/ipc/StreamSocket.h>

namespace mozilla {
namespace ipc {

class RilConsumer final : public mozilla::ipc::StreamSocket
  static nsresult Register(
    unsigned int aClientId,
    mozilla::dom::workers::WorkerCrossThreadDispatcher* aDispatcher);
  static void Shutdown();

  ConnectionOrientedSocketIO* GetIO() override;

  RilConsumer(unsigned long aClientId,
              mozilla::dom::workers::WorkerCrossThreadDispatcher* aDispatcher);

  void ReceiveSocketData(nsAutoPtr<UnixSocketRawData>& aMessage) override;

  void OnConnectSuccess() override;
  void OnConnectError() override;
  void OnDisconnect() override;

  nsRefPtr<mozilla::dom::workers::WorkerCrossThreadDispatcher> mDispatcher;
  unsigned long mClientId;
  nsCString mAddress;
  bool mShutdown;

} // namespace ipc
} // namespace mozilla

#endif // mozilla_ipc_Ril_h