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Bug 1227206 - Location.assign and Location.replace should use USVStrings instead DOMStrings, r=bz

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interface Location {
  // Bug 824857: no support for stringifier attributes yet.
  //  stringifier attribute USVString href;

  // Bug 824857 should remove this.

  [Throws, CrossOriginWritable]
           attribute USVString href;
  readonly attribute USVString origin;
           attribute USVString protocol;
           attribute USVString host;
           attribute USVString hostname;
           attribute USVString port;
           attribute USVString pathname;
           attribute USVString search;
           attribute USVString hash;

  [Throws, UnsafeInPrerendering]
  void assign(USVString url);

  [Throws, CrossOriginCallable, UnsafeInPrerendering]
  void replace(USVString url);

  // XXXbz there is no forceget argument in the spec!  See bug 1037721.
  [Throws, UnsafeInPrerendering]
  void reload(optional boolean forceget = false);

  // Bug 1085214 [SameObject] readonly attribute USVString[] ancestorOrigins;