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#ifndef nsDocShellEditorData_h__
#define nsDocShellEditorData_h__

#ifndef nsCOMPtr_h___
#include "nsCOMPtr.h"

#include "nsIHTMLDocument.h"

class nsIDocShell;
class nsIEditingSession;
class nsIEditor;

class nsDocShellEditorData
  explicit nsDocShellEditorData(nsIDocShell* aOwningDocShell);

  nsresult MakeEditable(bool aWaitForUriLoad);
  bool GetEditable();
  nsresult CreateEditor();
  nsresult GetEditingSession(nsIEditingSession** aResult);
  nsresult GetEditor(nsIEditor** aResult);
  nsresult SetEditor(nsIEditor* aEditor);
  void TearDownEditor();
  nsresult DetachFromWindow();
  nsresult ReattachToWindow(nsIDocShell* aDocShell);
  bool WaitingForLoad() const { return mMakeEditable; }

  nsresult EnsureEditingSession();

  // The doc shell that owns us. Weak ref, since it always outlives us.
  nsIDocShell* mDocShell;

  // Only present for the content root docShell. Session is owned here.
  nsCOMPtr<nsIEditingSession> mEditingSession;

  // Indicates whether to make an editor after a url load.
  bool mMakeEditable;

  // If this frame is editable, store editor here. Editor is owned here.
  nsCOMPtr<nsIEditor> mEditor;

  // Denotes if the editor is detached from its window. The editor is detached
  // while it's stored in the session history bfcache.
  bool mIsDetached;

  // Backup for mMakeEditable while the editor is detached.
  bool mDetachedMakeEditable;

  // Backup for the corresponding nsIHTMLDocument's  editing state while
  // the editor is detached.
  nsIHTMLDocument::EditingState mDetachedEditingState;

#endif // nsDocShellEditorData_h__