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Revert "Bug 1261416 - Rename firefox-plugin-container back to plugin-container to satisfy Flash's protected mode checks, and ensure that we launch the correct binary r=ted" because of widespread breakage due to whitelisted executable names in third parties This reverts commit 2d44e8ffaf63a32292f8e5b8fdd1485d0a462afc.

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#ifndef mozilla_dom_AnimationUtils_h
#define mozilla_dom_AnimationUtils_h

#include "mozilla/TimeStamp.h"
#include "mozilla/dom/Nullable.h"
#include "nsStringFwd.h"

class nsIContent;
class nsIDocument;
struct JSContext;

namespace mozilla {

class ComputedTimingFunction;

class AnimationUtils
  static dom::Nullable<double>
  TimeDurationToDouble(const dom::Nullable<TimeDuration>& aTime)
    dom::Nullable<double> result;

    if (!aTime.IsNull()) {

    return result;

  static dom::Nullable<TimeDuration>
  DoubleToTimeDuration(const dom::Nullable<double>& aTime)
    dom::Nullable<TimeDuration> result;

    if (!aTime.IsNull()) {

    return result;

  static void LogAsyncAnimationFailure(nsCString& aMessage,
                                       const nsIContent* aContent = nullptr);

   * Parses a CSS <single-transition-timing-function> value from
   * aEasing into a ComputedTimingFunction.  If parsing fails, Nothing() will
   * be returned.
  static Maybe<ComputedTimingFunction>
  ParseEasing(const nsAString& aEasing, nsIDocument* aDocument);

   * Get the document from the JS context to use when parsing CSS properties.
  static nsIDocument*
  GetCurrentRealmDocument(JSContext* aCx);

} // namespace mozilla