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.. taskcluster_index:

TaskCluster Automation

Directory structure

   All task definitions

   Tests for the mach target internals related to task graph

   Various scripts used by taskcluster docker images and
   utilities these exist in tree primarily to avoid rebuilding
   docker images.

Task Conventions

In order to properly enable task reuse there are a small number of
conventions and parameters that are specialized for build tasks vs test
tasks. The goal here should be to provide as much of the power as
taskcluster but not at the cost of making it easy to support the current
model of build/test.

All tasks are in the YAML format and are also processed via mustache to
allow for greater customizations. All tasks have the following
templates variables:

Helper for always using the latest version of a docker image that exist
in tree::


Will produce something like (see the docker folder):



Helper for crafting a JSON date in the future.::

   {{#from_now}}1 year{{/from_now}}

Will produce::



Current time as a json formatted date.

Build tasks

By convention build tasks are stored in ``tasks/builds/`` the location of
each particular type of build is specified in ``job_flags.yml`` (and more
locations in the future), which is located in the appropriate subdirectory
of ``branches/``.

Task format

To facilitate better reuse of tasks there are some expectations of the
build tasks. These are required for the test tasks to interact with the
builds correctly but may not effect the builds or indexing services.

.. code-block:: yaml

    # This is an example of just the special fields. Other fields that are
    # required by taskcluster are omitted and documented on http://docs.taskcluster.net/

        # Builders usually create at least two important artifacts the build
        # and the tests these can be anywhere in the task and also may have
        # different path names to include things like arch and extension
          # The build this can be anything as long as its referenced in
          # locations.
          'public/name_i_made_up.tar.gz': '/path/to/build'
          'public/some_tests.zip': '/path/to/tests'

        # Build tasks may put their artifacts anywhere but there are common
        # resources that test tasks need to do their job correctly so we
        # need to provide an easy way to lookup the correct aritfact path.
          build: 'public/name_i_made_up.tar.gz'
          tests: 'public/some_tests.zip' or test_packages: 'public/target.test_packages.json'

Templates properties

   Target HG repository (e.g.: ``https://hg.mozilla.org/mozilla-central``)

   Target HG revision for gecko

   Email address of the committer

Test Tasks

By convention test tasks are stored in ``tasks/tests/`` the location of
each particular type of build is specified in ``job_flags.yml`` (and more
locations in the future)

Template properties

   Target HG repository (e.g.: ``https://hg.mozilla.org/mozilla-central``)

   Target HG revision for gecko

   Email address of the committer

   Location of the build

   Location of the tests.zip package

   Current chunk

   Total number of chunks

Generic Tasks

Generic tasks are neither build tasks nor test tasks. They are intended for
tasks that don't fit into either category.

.. important::

   Generic tasks are a new feature and still under development. The
   conventions will likely change significantly.

Generic tasks are defined under a top-level ``tasks`` dictionary in the
YAML. Keys in the dictionary are the unique task name. Values are
dictionaries of task attributes. The following attributes can be defined:

   *required* Path to the YAML file declaring the task.

   *optional* Boolean indicating whether this is a *root* task. Root
   tasks are scheduled immediately, if scheduled to run.

   *optional* Dictionary of additional parameters to pass to template

   *optional* Dictionary of conditions that must be met for this task
   to run. See the section below for more details.

   *optional* List of string labels attached to the task. Multiple tasks
   with the same tag can all be scheduled at once by specifying the tag
   with the ``-j <tag>`` try syntax.

Conditional Execution

The ``when`` generic task dictionary entry can declare conditions that
must be true for a task to run. Valid entries in this dictionary are
described below.

   List of path patterns that will be matched against all files changed.

   The set of changed files is obtained from version control. If the changed
   files could not be determined, this condition is ignored and no filtering

   Values use the ``mozpack`` matching code. ``*`` is a wildcard for
   all path characters except ``/``. ``**`` matches all directories. To
   e.g. match against all ``.js`` files, one would use ``**/*.js``.

   If a single pattern matches a single changed file, the task will be


Running commands via mach is the best way to invoke commands testing
works a little differently (I have not figured out how to invoke
python-test without running install steps first)::

   mach python-test tests/


Requires `taskcluster-cli <https://github.com/taskcluster/taskcluster-cli>`_::

    mach taskcluster-trygraph --message 'try: -b do -p all' \
     --head-rev=33c0181c4a25 \
     --head-repository=http://hg.mozilla.org/mozilla-central \
     --owner=jlal@mozilla.com | taskcluster run-graph

Creating only a build task and submitting to taskcluster::

    mach taskcluster-build \
      --head-revision=33c0181c4a25 \
      --head-repository=http://hg.mozilla.org/mozilla-central \
      --owner=user@domain.com tasks/builds/b2g_desktop.yml | taskcluster run-task --verbose

    mach taskcluster-tests --task-id=Mcnvz7wUR_SEMhmWb7cGdQ  \
     --owner=user@domain.com tasks/tests/b2g_mochitest.yml | taskcluster run-task --verbose