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Bug 1257326 - Move MOZ_SERVICES_SYNC to Python configure. r=glandium MozReview-Commit-ID: DCDoSgHfwVY

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#import <Cocoa/Cocoa.h>
#import "mozAccessible.h"

// our protocol that we implement (so cocoa widgets can talk to us)
#import "mozAccessibleProtocol.h"

  The root accessible. There is one per window.
  Created by the RootAccessibleWrap.
@interface mozRootAccessible : mozAccessible
  // the mozView that we're representing.
  // all outside communication goes through the mozView.
  // in reality, it's just piping all calls to us, and we're
  // doing its dirty work!
  // whenever someone asks who we are (e.g., a child asking
  // for its parent, or our parent asking for its child), we'll
  // respond the mozView. it is absolutely necessary for third-
  // party tools that we do this!
  // /hwaara
  id <mozView, mozAccessible> mParallelView; // weak ref