author Daniel Holbert <>
Fri, 14 Nov 2014 16:45:24 -0800
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Bug 624647 reftests, part 3: Test 'object-fit' & 'object-position' properties with SVG images in various container elements. (no review because substantially similar to r+'d reftests part 1)

<!DOCTYPE html>
     Any copyright is dedicated to the Public Domain.
    <meta charset="utf-8">
    <title>CSS Test: 'object-fit: contain' on img element, with a SVG image and with various 'object-position' values</title>
    <link rel="author" title="Daniel Holbert" href="">
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    <link rel="match" href="object-fit-contain-svg-006-ref.html">
    <style type="text/css">
      img {
        border: 1px dashed gray;
        padding: 1px;
        object-fit: contain;
        float: left;

      .bigWide {
        width: 48px;
        height: 32px;
      .bigTall {
        width: 32px;
        height: 48px;
      .small {
        width: 8px;
        height: 8px;

      br { clear: both; }

      .tr { object-position: top right }
      .bl { object-position: bottom left }
      .tl { object-position: top 25% left 25% }
      .br { object-position: bottom 1px right 2px }

      .tc { object-position: top 3px center }
      .cr { object-position: center right 25% }
    <!-- big/wide: -->
    <img src="support/colors-8x16-parDefault.svg" class="bigWide tr">
    <img src="support/colors-8x16-parDefault.svg" class="bigWide bl">
    <img src="support/colors-8x16-parDefault.svg" class="bigWide tl">
    <img src="support/colors-8x16-parDefault.svg" class="bigWide br">
    <img src="support/colors-8x16-parDefault.svg" class="bigWide tc">
    <img src="support/colors-8x16-parDefault.svg" class="bigWide cr">
    <img src="support/colors-8x16-parDefault.svg" class="bigWide">
    <!-- big/tall: -->
    <img src="support/colors-8x16-parDefault.svg" class="bigTall tr">
    <img src="support/colors-8x16-parDefault.svg" class="bigTall bl">
    <img src="support/colors-8x16-parDefault.svg" class="bigTall tl">
    <img src="support/colors-8x16-parDefault.svg" class="bigTall br">
    <img src="support/colors-8x16-parDefault.svg" class="bigTall tc">
    <img src="support/colors-8x16-parDefault.svg" class="bigTall cr">
    <img src="support/colors-8x16-parDefault.svg" class="bigTall">
    <!-- small: -->
    <img src="support/colors-8x16-parDefault.svg" class="small tr">
    <img src="support/colors-8x16-parDefault.svg" class="small bl">
    <img src="support/colors-8x16-parDefault.svg" class="small tl">
    <img src="support/colors-8x16-parDefault.svg" class="small br">
    <img src="support/colors-8x16-parDefault.svg" class="small tc">
    <img src="support/colors-8x16-parDefault.svg" class="small cr">
    <img src="support/colors-8x16-parDefault.svg" class="small">