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Bug 952486 - Use CheckPermissions instead of Func for several interfaces. r=bz

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interface RandomSource {
  ArrayBufferView getRandomValues(ArrayBufferView array);

Crypto implements RandomSource;

interface Crypto {
  readonly attribute SubtleCrypto subtle;

interface CryptoLegacy {
  readonly attribute DOMString version;

  attribute boolean enableSmartCardEvents;

  CRMFObject? generateCRMFRequest(ByteString? reqDN,
                                  ByteString? regToken,
                                  ByteString? authenticator,
                                  ByteString? eaCert,
                                  ByteString? jsCallback,
                                  any... args);

  DOMString importUserCertificates(DOMString nickname,
                                   DOMString cmmfResponse,
                                   boolean doForcedBackup);

  DOMString signText(DOMString stringToSign,
                     DOMString caOption,
                     ByteString... args);

  void logout();

Crypto implements CryptoLegacy;