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#include "nsISupports.idl"

interface nsIURI;

 * This interface provides a way to stream data to the web browser. This allows
 * loading of data from sources which can not be accessed using URIs and
 * nsIWebNavigation.
[scriptable, uuid(86d02f0e-219b-4cfc-9c88-bd98d2cce0b8)]
interface nsIWebBrowserStream : nsISupports
   * Prepare to load a stream of data. When this function returns successfully,
   * it must be paired by a call to closeStream.
   * @param aBaseURI
   *        The base URI of the data. Must not be null. Relative
   *        URIs will be resolved relative to this URI.
   * @param aContentType
   *        ASCII string giving the content type of the data. If rendering
   *        content of this type is not supported, this method fails.
   *        This string may include a charset declaration, for example:
   *        text/html;charset=ISO-8859-1
   *        The requested content type is not supported.
   *        openStream was called twice without an intermediate closeStream.
  void openStream(in nsIURI aBaseURI, in ACString aContentType);

   * Append data to this stream.
   * @param aData The data to append
   * @param aLen  Length of the data to append.
   * @note To append more than 4 GB of data, call this method multiple times.
  void appendToStream([const, array, size_is(aLen)] in octet aData,
                      in unsigned long aLen);

   * Notifies the browser that all the data has been appended. This may notify
   * the user that the browser is "done loading" in some form.
   *        This method was called without a preceding openStream.
  void closeStream();