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#include "domstubs.idl"

interface nsIDOMXPathResult;
interface XPathException;

 * Interface for Mozilla specific XPathExpression functions.
[scriptable, uuid(ce600ca8-e98a-4419-ad61-2f6d0cb0ecc8)]
interface nsIDOMNSXPathExpression : nsISupports
   * Evaluate the expression with the given context. Similar to
   * nsIDOMXPathExpression::evaluate(), except that this takes the context
   * position and size too.
   * @param contextNode       The context node
   * @param contextPosition   The context position
   * @param contextSize       The context size
   * @param type              The needed result type
   * @param result            The result
  nsISupports evaluateWithContext(in nsIDOMNode contextNode,
                                  in unsigned long contextPosition,
                                  in unsigned long contextSize,
                                  in unsigned short type,
                                  in nsISupports result)