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Bug 1213815 - Update URLSearchParams and URLUtils in webidl files, r=bz

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#ifndef nsSHistory_h
#define nsSHistory_h

#include "nsCOMPtr.h"
#include "nsISHistory.h"
#include "nsISHistoryInternal.h"
#include "nsIWebNavigation.h"
#include "nsISimpleEnumerator.h"
#include "nsTObserverArray.h"
#include "nsWeakPtr.h"

#include "prclist.h"

class nsIDocShell;
class nsSHEnumerator;
class nsSHistoryObserver;
class nsISHEntry;
class nsISHTransaction;

class nsSHistory final : public PRCList,
                         public nsISHistory,
                         public nsISHistoryInternal,
                         public nsIWebNavigation

  // One time initialization method called upon docshell module construction
  static nsresult Startup();
  static void Shutdown();
  static void UpdatePrefs();

  // Max number of total cached content viewers.  If the pref
  // browser.sessionhistory.max_total_viewers is negative, then
  // this value is calculated based on the total amount of memory.
  // Otherwise, it comes straight from the pref.
  static uint32_t GetMaxTotalViewers() { return sHistoryMaxTotalViewers; }

  virtual ~nsSHistory();
  friend class nsSHEnumerator;
  friend class nsSHistoryObserver;

  // Could become part of nsIWebNavigation
  NS_IMETHOD GetTransactionAtIndex(int32_t aIndex, nsISHTransaction** aResult);
  nsresult CompareFrames(nsISHEntry* aPrevEntry, nsISHEntry* aNextEntry,
                         nsIDocShell* aRootDocShell, long aLoadType,
                         bool* aIsFrameFound);
  nsresult InitiateLoad(nsISHEntry* aFrameEntry, nsIDocShell* aFrameDS,
                        long aLoadType);

  NS_IMETHOD LoadEntry(int32_t aIndex, long aLoadType, uint32_t aHistCmd);

#ifdef DEBUG
  nsresult PrintHistory();

  // Evict content viewers in this window which don't lie in the "safe" range
  // around aIndex.
  void EvictOutOfRangeWindowContentViewers(int32_t aIndex);
  static void GloballyEvictContentViewers();
  static void GloballyEvictAllContentViewers();

  // Calculates a max number of total
  // content viewers to cache, based on amount of total memory
  static uint32_t CalcMaxTotalViewers();

  void RemoveDynEntries(int32_t aOldIndex, int32_t aNewIndex);

  nsresult LoadNextPossibleEntry(int32_t aNewIndex, long aLoadType,
                                 uint32_t aHistCmd);

  // aIndex is the index of the transaction which may be removed.
  // If aKeepNext is true, aIndex is compared to aIndex + 1,
  // otherwise comparison is done to aIndex - 1.
  bool RemoveDuplicate(int32_t aIndex, bool aKeepNext);

  nsCOMPtr<nsISHTransaction> mListRoot;
  int32_t mIndex;
  int32_t mLength;
  int32_t mRequestedIndex;
  // Session History listeners
  nsAutoTObserverArray<nsWeakPtr, 2> mListeners;
  // Weak reference. Do not refcount this.
  nsIDocShell* mRootDocShell;

  // Max viewers allowed total, across all SHistory objects
  static int32_t sHistoryMaxTotalViewers;

class nsSHEnumerator : public nsISimpleEnumerator

  explicit nsSHEnumerator(nsSHistory* aHistory);

  friend class nsSHistory;
  virtual ~nsSHEnumerator();

  int32_t mIndex;
  nsSHistory* mSHistory;

#endif /* nsSHistory */