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Mon Aug 29 17:22:22 2016 +0000
fd5052e343df01b8da6e691d00fdcc786807e1a2Milan Sreckovic — Bug 1294677 - Check for large image sizes. r=jrmuizel, a=sylvestre
3c4958a98908bce173f19f0ec57edc210b23e56dRandell Jesup — Bug 1294095: Swap order of notifications on association failure r=bwc a=sylvestre
3e37ba5e08671794160306b1d8b30cfc7c448fecByron Campen [:bwc] — Bug 1293347: Move the set/unset of |cur_it| to a better place. r=tuexen,jduell a=sylvestre
d91fc76079e07f5e83d66f6891764df8329de2bcJan Horak — Bug 1277213 - Reset auth continuation state after dialog cancellation a=sylvestre
10c9453407de40dd17d612f802da2fab94c161f4Hiroyuki Ikezoe — Bug 1282076 - Store all non-inherited structs which are stored on the rule node on the style context if we have animation data. r=heycam a=sylvestre
bc2f5467b33d70d5dc03fdc0d2fcf0d52356f186Michal Novotny — Bug 1287266 - Integer overflow check in WebSocketChannel::ProcessInput, r=mcmanus, a=sylvestre
6711ccb0184e4693b0fe67eebe41180aeac4cc74Valentin Gosu — Bug 1254688 - Use mLoadInfo to get the performance object [esr45] r=bz,tanvi a=sylvestre
5ffa912ed83eff4d64a0cec2154816a3c25ce475Timothy Nikkel — Bug 1251088. Update the stored mImageWidth/Height on ImageDocuments when we get the document load event. r=bz a=sylvestre
5da55ed611bd98024f7f5e6be518bab3930da3c5Jan Beich — Bug 1242132 - Make sure to split multiple _FLAGS after bug 1224452. r=glandium a=sylvestre
4023f0262a0f8b6cc74fa6af3016cb799b5cb9a8Dragana Damjanovic dd mozilla — Bug 1243312 - nsNetCID is missing in toolkit/system/unixproxy/nsLibProxySettings.cpp. r=jduell a=sylvestre
6e43a01fee3c58877625f038e1bbee130b220255Timothy Nikkel — Bug 1297934. Enforce the invariant that every display item class has a different display item type for nsDisplayFocusRing. r=mattwoodrow a=sylvestre