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Tue, 01 Oct 2013 12:09:54 +0800
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Bug 789217 - 0001. Add skeleton for keystore. r=khuey

# This Source Code Form is subject to the terms of the Mozilla Public
# License, v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this
# file, You can obtain one at http://mozilla.org/MPL/2.0/.

import sys
import os
import time
import tempfile
import re
import traceback
import shutil
import math
import base64

sys.path.insert(0, os.path.abspath(os.path.realpath(os.path.dirname(__file__))))

from automation import Automation
from remoteautomation import RemoteAutomation, fennecLogcatFilters
from runtests import Mochitest
from runtests import MochitestServer
from mochitest_options import MochitestOptions

import devicemanager
import droid
import manifestparser
import mozinfo
import mozlog

log = mozlog.getLogger('Mochi-Remote')

class RemoteOptions(MochitestOptions):

    def __init__(self, automation, **kwargs):
        defaults = {}
        self._automation = automation or Automation()

        self.add_option("--remote-app-path", action="store",
                    type = "string", dest = "remoteAppPath",
                    help = "Path to remote executable relative to device root using only forward slashes. Either this or app must be specified but not both")
        defaults["remoteAppPath"] = None

        self.add_option("--deviceIP", action="store",
                    type = "string", dest = "deviceIP",
                    help = "ip address of remote device to test")
        defaults["deviceIP"] = None

        self.add_option("--dm_trans", action="store",
                    type = "string", dest = "dm_trans",
                    help = "the transport to use to communicate with device: [adb|sut]; default=sut")
        defaults["dm_trans"] = "sut"

        self.add_option("--devicePort", action="store",
                    type = "string", dest = "devicePort",
                    help = "port of remote device to test")
        defaults["devicePort"] = 20701

        self.add_option("--remote-product-name", action="store",
                    type = "string", dest = "remoteProductName",
                    help = "The executable's name of remote product to test - either fennec or firefox, defaults to fennec")
        defaults["remoteProductName"] = "fennec"

        self.add_option("--remote-logfile", action="store",
                    type = "string", dest = "remoteLogFile",
                    help = "Name of log file on the device relative to the device root.  PLEASE ONLY USE A FILENAME.")
        defaults["remoteLogFile"] = None

        self.add_option("--remote-webserver", action = "store",
                    type = "string", dest = "remoteWebServer",
                    help = "ip address where the remote web server is hosted at")
        defaults["remoteWebServer"] = None

        self.add_option("--http-port", action = "store",
                    type = "string", dest = "httpPort",
                    help = "http port of the remote web server")
        defaults["httpPort"] = automation.DEFAULT_HTTP_PORT

        self.add_option("--ssl-port", action = "store",
                    type = "string", dest = "sslPort",
                    help = "ssl port of the remote web server")
        defaults["sslPort"] = automation.DEFAULT_SSL_PORT

        self.add_option("--pidfile", action = "store",
                    type = "string", dest = "pidFile",
                    help = "name of the pidfile to generate")
        defaults["pidFile"] = ""

        self.add_option("--robocop-ini", action = "store",
                    type = "string", dest = "robocopIni",
                    help = "name of the .ini file containing the list of tests to run")
        defaults["robocopIni"] = ""

        self.add_option("--robocop", action = "store",
                    type = "string", dest = "robocop",
                    help = "name of the .ini file containing the list of tests to run. [DEPRECATED- please use --robocop-ini")
        defaults["robocop"] = ""

        self.add_option("--robocop-apk", action = "store",
                    type = "string", dest = "robocopApk",
                    help = "name of the Robocop APK to use for ADB test running")
        defaults["robocopApk"] = ""

        self.add_option("--robocop-path", action = "store",
                    type = "string", dest = "robocopPath",
                    help = "Path to the folder where robocop.apk is located at.  Primarily used for ADB test running. [DEPRECATED- please use --robocop-apk]")
        defaults["robocopPath"] = ""

        self.add_option("--robocop-ids", action = "store",
                    type = "string", dest = "robocopIds",
                    help = "name of the file containing the view ID map (fennec_ids.txt)")
        defaults["robocopIds"] = ""

        self.add_option("--remoteTestRoot", action = "store",
                    type = "string", dest = "remoteTestRoot",
                    help = "remote directory to use as test root (eg. /mnt/sdcard/tests or /data/local/tests)")
        defaults["remoteTestRoot"] = None

        defaults["logFile"] = "mochitest.log"
        defaults["autorun"] = True
        defaults["closeWhenDone"] = True
        defaults["testPath"] = ""
        defaults["app"] = None
        defaults["utilityPath"] = None


    def verifyRemoteOptions(self, options, automation):
        if not options.remoteTestRoot:
            options.remoteTestRoot = automation._devicemanager.getDeviceRoot()

        if options.remoteWebServer == None:
            if os.name != "nt":
                options.remoteWebServer = automation.getLanIp()
                log.error("you must specify a --remote-webserver=<ip address>")
                return None

        options.webServer = options.remoteWebServer

        if (options.deviceIP == None):
            log.error("you must provide a device IP")
            return None

        if (options.remoteLogFile == None):
            options.remoteLogFile = options.remoteTestRoot + '/logs/mochitest.log'

        if (options.remoteLogFile.count('/') < 1):
            options.remoteLogFile = options.remoteTestRoot + '/' + options.remoteLogFile

        # remoteAppPath or app must be specified to find the product to launch
        if (options.remoteAppPath and options.app):
            log.error("You cannot specify both the remoteAppPath and the app setting")
            return None
        elif (options.remoteAppPath):
            options.app = options.remoteTestRoot + "/" + options.remoteAppPath
        elif (options.app == None):
            # Neither remoteAppPath nor app are set -- error
            log.error("You must specify either appPath or app")
            return None

        # Only reset the xrePath if it wasn't provided
        if (options.xrePath == None):
            options.xrePath = options.utilityPath

        if (options.pidFile != ""):
            f = open(options.pidFile, 'w')
            f.write("%s" % os.getpid())

        # Robocop specific deprecated options.
        if options.robocop:
            if options.robocopIni:
                log.error("can not use deprecated --robocop and replacement --robocop-ini together")
                return None
            options.robocopIni = options.robocop
            del options.robocop

        if options.robocopPath:
            if options.robocopApk:
                log.error("can not use deprecated --robocop-path and replacement --robocop-apk together")
                return None
            options.robocopApk = os.path.join(options.robocopPath, 'robocop.apk')
            del options.robocopPath

        # Robocop specific options
        if options.robocopIni != "":
            if not os.path.exists(options.robocopIni):
                log.error("Unable to find specified robocop .ini manifest '%s'", options.robocopIni)
                return None
            options.robocopIni = os.path.abspath(options.robocopIni)

        if options.robocopApk != "":
            if not os.path.exists(options.robocopApk):
                log.error("Unable to find robocop APK '%s'", options.robocopApk)
                return None
            options.robocopApk = os.path.abspath(options.robocopApk)

        if options.robocopIds != "":
            if not os.path.exists(options.robocopIds):
                log.error("Unable to find specified robocop IDs file '%s'", options.robocopIds)
                return None
            options.robocopIds = os.path.abspath(options.robocopIds)

        # allow us to keep original application around for cleanup while running robocop via 'am'
        options.remoteappname = options.app
        return options

    def verifyOptions(self, options, mochitest):
        # since we are reusing verifyOptions, it will exit if App is not found
        temp = options.app
        options.app = __file__
        tempPort = options.httpPort
        tempSSL = options.sslPort
        tempIP = options.webServer
        options = MochitestOptions.verifyOptions(self, options, mochitest)
        options.webServer = tempIP
        options.app = temp
        options.sslPort = tempSSL
        options.httpPort = tempPort

        return options 

class MochiRemote(Mochitest):

    _automation = None
    _dm = None
    localProfile = None
    logLines = []

    def __init__(self, automation, devmgr, options):
        self._automation = automation
        self._dm = devmgr
        self.runSSLTunnel = False
        self.environment = self._automation.environment
        self.remoteProfile = options.remoteTestRoot + "/profile"
        self.remoteLog = options.remoteLogFile
        self.localLog = options.logFile

    def cleanup(self, manifest, options):
        if self._dm.fileExists(self.remoteLog):
            self._dm.getFile(self.remoteLog, self.localLog)
            log.warn("Unable to retrieve log file (%s) from remote device",

        if (options.pidFile != ""):
                os.remove(options.pidFile + ".xpcshell.pid")
                log.warn("cleaning up pidfile '%s' was unsuccessful from the test harness", options.pidFile)

    def findPath(self, paths, filename = None):
        for path in paths:
            p = path
            if filename:
                p = os.path.join(p, filename)
            if os.path.exists(self.getFullPath(p)):
                return path
        return None

    def startWebServer(self, options):
        """ Create the webserver on the host and start it up """
        remoteXrePath = options.xrePath
        remoteProfilePath = options.profilePath
        remoteUtilityPath = options.utilityPath
        localAutomation = Automation()
        localAutomation.IS_WIN32 = False
        localAutomation.IS_LINUX = False
        localAutomation.IS_MAC = False
        localAutomation.UNIXISH = False
        hostos = sys.platform
        if (hostos == 'mac' or  hostos == 'darwin'):
          localAutomation.IS_MAC = True
        elif (hostos == 'linux' or hostos == 'linux2'):
          localAutomation.IS_LINUX = True
          localAutomation.UNIXISH = True
        elif (hostos == 'win32' or hostos == 'win64'):
          localAutomation.BIN_SUFFIX = ".exe"
          localAutomation.IS_WIN32 = True

        paths = [options.xrePath, localAutomation.DIST_BIN, self._automation._product, os.path.join('..', self._automation._product)]
        options.xrePath = self.findPath(paths)
        if options.xrePath == None:
            log.error("unable to find xulrunner path for %s, please specify with --xre-path", os.name)

        xpcshell = "xpcshell"
        if (os.name == "nt"):
            xpcshell += ".exe"
        if options.utilityPath:
            paths = [options.utilityPath, options.xrePath]
            paths = [options.xrePath]
        options.utilityPath = self.findPath(paths, xpcshell)
        if options.utilityPath == None:
            log.error("unable to find utility path for %s, please specify with --utility-path", os.name)
        # httpd-path is specified by standard makefile targets and may be specified
        # on the command line to select a particular version of httpd.js. If not
        # specified, try to select the one from hostutils.zip, as required in bug 882932.
        if not options.httpdPath:
            options.httpdPath = os.path.join(options.utilityPath, "components")

        xpcshell_path = os.path.join(options.utilityPath, xpcshell)
        if localAutomation.elf_arm(xpcshell_path):
            log.error('xpcshell at %s is an ARM binary; please use '
                      'the --utility-path argument to specify the path '
                      'to a desktop version.' % xpcshell_path)

        options.profilePath = tempfile.mkdtemp()
        self.server = MochitestServer(options)

        if (options.pidFile != ""):
            f = open(options.pidFile + ".xpcshell.pid", 'w')
            f.write("%s" % self.server._process.pid)

        options.xrePath = remoteXrePath
        options.utilityPath = remoteUtilityPath
        options.profilePath = remoteProfilePath
    def stopWebServer(self, options):
        if hasattr(self, 'server'):
    def buildProfile(self, options):
        if self.localProfile:
            options.profilePath = self.localProfile
        manifest = Mochitest.buildProfile(self, options)
        self.localProfile = options.profilePath

        # we do not need this for robotium based tests, lets save a LOT of time
        if options.robocopIni:
            shutil.rmtree(os.path.join(options.profilePath, 'webapps'))
            shutil.rmtree(os.path.join(options.profilePath, 'extensions', 'staged', 'mochikit@mozilla.org'))
            shutil.rmtree(os.path.join(options.profilePath, 'extensions', 'staged', 'worker-test@mozilla.org'))
            shutil.rmtree(os.path.join(options.profilePath, 'extensions', 'staged', 'workerbootstrap-test@mozilla.org'))
            os.remove(os.path.join(options.profilePath, 'userChrome.css'))
            if os.path.exists(os.path.join(options.profilePath, 'tests.jar')):
                os.remove(os.path.join(options.profilePath, 'tests.jar'))
            if os.path.exists(os.path.join(options.profilePath, 'tests.manifest')):
                os.remove(os.path.join(options.profilePath, 'tests.manifest'))

            self._dm.pushDir(options.profilePath, self.remoteProfile)
        except devicemanager.DMError:
            log.error("Automation Error: Unable to copy profile to device.")

        options.profilePath = self.remoteProfile
        return manifest
    def buildURLOptions(self, options, env):
        self.localLog = options.logFile
        options.logFile = self.remoteLog
        options.profilePath = self.localProfile
        env["MOZ_HIDE_RESULTS_TABLE"] = "1"
        retVal = Mochitest.buildURLOptions(self, options, env)

        if not options.robocopIni:
            #we really need testConfig.js (for browser chrome)
                self._dm.pushDir(options.profilePath, self.remoteProfile)
            except devicemanager.DMError:
                log.error("Automation Error: Unable to copy profile to device.")

        options.profilePath = self.remoteProfile
        options.logFile = self.localLog
        return retVal

    def installChromeFile(self, filename, options):
        parts = options.app.split('/')
        if (parts[0] == options.app):
          return "NO_CHROME_ON_DROID"
        path = '/'.join(parts[:-1])
        manifest = path + "/chrome/" + os.path.basename(filename)
            self._dm.pushFile(filename, manifest)
        except devicemanager.DMError:
            log.error("Automation Error: Unable to install Chrome files on device.")

        return manifest

    def getLogFilePath(self, logFile):             
        return logFile

    # In the future we could use LogParser: http://hg.mozilla.org/automation/logparser/
    def addLogData(self):
        with open(self.localLog) as currentLog:
            data = currentLog.readlines()

        restart = re.compile('0 INFO SimpleTest START.*')
        reend = re.compile('([0-9]+) INFO TEST-START . Shutdown.*')
        refail = re.compile('([0-9]+) INFO TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL.*')
        start_found = False
        end_found = False
        fail_found = False
        for line in data:
            if reend.match(line):
                end_found = True
                start_found = False

            if start_found and not end_found:
                # Append the line without the number to increment
                self.logLines.append(' '.join(line.split(' ')[1:]))

            if restart.match(line):
                start_found = True
            if refail.match(line):
                fail_found = True
        result = 0
        if fail_found:
            result = 1
        if not end_found:
            log.error("Automation Error: Missing end of test marker (process crashed?)")
            result = 1
        return result

    def printLog(self):
        passed = 0
        failed = 0
        todo = 0
        incr = 1
        logFile = [] 
        logFile.append("0 INFO SimpleTest START")
        for line in self.logLines:
            if line.startswith("INFO TEST-PASS"):
                passed += 1
            elif line.startswith("INFO TEST-UNEXPECTED"):
                failed += 1
            elif line.startswith("INFO TEST-KNOWN"):
                todo += 1
            incr += 1

        logFile.append("%s INFO TEST-START | Shutdown" % incr)
        incr += 1
        logFile.append("%s INFO Passed: %s" % (incr, passed))
        incr += 1
        logFile.append("%s INFO Failed: %s" % (incr, failed))
        incr += 1
        logFile.append("%s INFO Todo: %s" % (incr, todo))
        incr += 1
        logFile.append("%s INFO SimpleTest FINISHED" % incr)

        # TODO: Consider not printing to stdout because we might be duplicating output
        print '\n'.join(logFile)
        with open(self.localLog, 'w') as localLog:

        if failed > 0:
            return 1
        return 0

    def printScreenshots(self, screenShotDir):
        # TODO: This can be re-written after completion of bug 749421
        if not self._dm.dirExists(screenShotDir):
            log.info("SCREENSHOT: No ScreenShots directory available: " + screenShotDir)

        printed = 0
        for name in self._dm.listFiles(screenShotDir):
            fullName = screenShotDir + "/" + name
            log.info("SCREENSHOT: FOUND: [%s]", fullName)
                image = self._dm.pullFile(fullName)
                encoded = base64.b64encode(image)
                log.info("SCREENSHOT: data:image/jpg;base64,%s", encoded)
                printed += 1
                log.info("SCREENSHOT: Could not be parsed")

        log.info("SCREENSHOT: TOTAL PRINTED: [%s]", printed)

    def printDeviceInfo(self, printLogcat=False):
            if printLogcat:
                logcat = self._dm.getLogcat(filterOutRegexps=fennecLogcatFilters)
            log.info("Device info: %s", self._dm.getInfo())
            log.info("Test root: %s", self._dm.getDeviceRoot())
        except devicemanager.DMError:
            log.warn("Error getting device information")

    def buildRobotiumConfig(self, options, browserEnv):
        deviceRoot = self._dm.getDeviceRoot()
        fHandle = tempfile.NamedTemporaryFile(suffix='.config',
        fHandle.write("profile=%s\n" % (self.remoteProfile))
        fHandle.write("logfile=%s\n" % (options.remoteLogFile))
        fHandle.write("rawhost=http://%s:%s/tests\n" % (options.remoteWebServer, options.httpPort))

        if browserEnv:
            envstr = ""
            delim = ""
            for key, value in browserEnv.items():
                    log.error("buildRobotiumConfig: browserEnv - Found a ',' in our value, unable to process value. key=%s,value=%s", key, value)
                    log.error("browserEnv=%s", browserEnv)
                except ValueError, e:
                    envstr += "%s%s=%s" % (delim, key, value)
                    delim = ","

            fHandle.write("envvars=%s\n" % envstr)

        self._dm.removeFile(os.path.join(deviceRoot, "robotium.config"))
        self._dm.pushFile(fHandle.name, os.path.join(deviceRoot, "robotium.config"))

    def buildBrowserEnv(self, options):
        browserEnv = Mochitest.buildBrowserEnv(self, options)
        self.buildRobotiumConfig(options, browserEnv)
        return browserEnv

    def runApp(self, *args, **kwargs):
        """front-end automation.py's `runApp` functionality until FennecRunner is written"""

        # automation.py/remoteautomation `runApp` takes the profile path,
        # whereas runtest.py's `runApp` takes a mozprofile object.
        if 'profileDir' not in kwargs and 'profile' in kwargs:
            kwargs['profileDir'] = kwargs.pop('profile').profile

        return self._automation.runApp(*args, **kwargs)

def main():
    auto = RemoteAutomation(None, "fennec")
    parser = RemoteOptions(auto)
    options, args = parser.parse_args()

    if (options.dm_trans == "adb"):
        if (options.deviceIP):
            dm = droid.DroidADB(options.deviceIP, options.devicePort, deviceRoot=options.remoteTestRoot)
            dm = droid.DroidADB(deviceRoot=options.remoteTestRoot)
         dm = droid.DroidSUT(options.deviceIP, options.devicePort, deviceRoot=options.remoteTestRoot)
    options = parser.verifyRemoteOptions(options, auto)
    if (options == None):
        log.error("Invalid options specified, use --help for a list of valid options")

    productPieces = options.remoteProductName.split('.')
    if (productPieces != None):

    mochitest = MochiRemote(auto, dm, options)

    options = parser.verifyOptions(options, mochitest)
    if (options == None):
    logParent = os.path.dirname(options.remoteLogFile)
    auto.setServerInfo(options.webServer, options.httpPort, options.sslPort)


    # Add Android version (SDK level) to mozinfo so that manifest entries
    # can be conditional on android_version.
    androidVersion = dm.shellCheckOutput(['getprop', 'ro.build.version.sdk'])
    log.info("Android sdk version '%s'; will use this to filter manifests" % str(androidVersion))
    mozinfo.info['android_version'] = androidVersion

    procName = options.app.split('/')[-1]
    if (dm.processExist(procName)):

    if options.robocopIni != "":
        # sut may wait up to 300 s for a robocop am process before returning
        dm.default_timeout = 320
        mp = manifestparser.TestManifest(strict=False)
        # TODO: pull this in dynamically
        robocop_tests = mp.active_tests(exists=False, **mozinfo.info)
        tests = []
        my_tests = tests
        for test in robocop_tests:

        if options.totalChunks:
            tests_per_chunk = math.ceil(len(tests) / (options.totalChunks * 1.0))
            start = int(round((options.thisChunk-1) * tests_per_chunk))
            end = int(round(options.thisChunk * tests_per_chunk))
            if end > len(tests):
                end = len(tests)
            my_tests = tests[start:end]
            log.info("Running tests %d-%d/%d", start+1, end, len(tests))

        deviceRoot = dm.getDeviceRoot()      
        dm.removeFile(os.path.join(deviceRoot, "fennec_ids.txt"))
        fennec_ids = os.path.abspath("fennec_ids.txt")
        if not os.path.exists(fennec_ids) and options.robocopIds:
            fennec_ids = options.robocopIds
        dm.pushFile(fennec_ids, os.path.join(deviceRoot, "fennec_ids.txt"))
        options.extraPrefs.append('robocop.logfile="%s/robocop.log"' % deviceRoot)

        if (options.dm_trans == 'adb' and options.robocopApk):
            dm._checkCmd(["install", "-r", options.robocopApk])

        retVal = None
        for test in robocop_tests:
            if options.testPath and options.testPath != test['name']:

            if not test['name'] in my_tests:

            if 'disabled' in test:
                log.info('TEST-INFO | skipping %s | %s' % (test['name'], test['disabled']))

            # When running in a loop, we need to create a fresh profile for each cycle
            if mochitest.localProfile:
                options.profilePath = mochitest.localProfile
                os.system("rm -Rf %s" % options.profilePath)
                options.profilePath = tempfile.mkdtemp()
                mochitest.localProfile = options.profilePath

            options.app = "am"
            options.browserArgs = ["instrument", "-w", "-e", "deviceroot", deviceRoot, "-e", "class"]
            options.browserArgs.append("%s.tests.%s" % (options.remoteappname, test['name']))
            options.browserArgs.append("org.mozilla.roboexample.test/%s.FennecInstrumentationTestRunner" % options.remoteappname)

            # If the test is for checking the import from bookmarks then make sure there is data to import
            if test['name'] == "testImportFromAndroid":
                # Get the OS so we can run the insert in the apropriate database and following the correct table schema
                osInfo = dm.getInfo("os")
                devOS = " ".join(osInfo['os'])

                # Bug 900664: stock browser db not available on x86 emulator
                if ("sdk_x86" in devOS):

                if ("pandaboard" in devOS):
                    delete = ['execsu', 'sqlite3', "/data/data/com.android.browser/databases/browser2.db \'delete from bookmarks where _id > 14;\'"]
                    delete = ['execsu', 'sqlite3', "/data/data/com.android.browser/databases/browser.db \'delete from bookmarks where _id > 14;\'"]
                if (options.dm_trans == "sut"):
                    dm._runCmds([{"cmd": " ".join(delete)}])

                # Insert the bookmarks
                log.info("Insert bookmarks in the default android browser database")
                for i in range(20):
                   if ("pandaboard" in devOS):
                       cmd = ['execsu', 'sqlite3', "/data/data/com.android.browser/databases/browser2.db 'insert or replace into bookmarks(_id,title,url,folder,parent,position) values (" + str(30 + i) + ",\"Bookmark"+ str(i) + "\",\"http://www.bookmark" + str(i) + ".com\",0,1," + str(100 + i) + ");'"]
                       cmd = ['execsu', 'sqlite3', "/data/data/com.android.browser/databases/browser.db 'insert into bookmarks(title,url,bookmark) values (\"Bookmark"+ str(i) + "\",\"http://www.bookmark" + str(i) + ".com\",1);'"]
                   if (options.dm_trans == "sut"):
                       dm._runCmds([{"cmd": " ".join(cmd)}])
                screenShotDir = "/mnt/sdcard/Robotium-Screenshots"
                result = mochitest.runTests(options)
                if result != 0:
                    log.error("runTests() exited with code %s", result)
                log_result = mochitest.addLogData()
                if result != 0 or log_result != 0:
                # Ensure earlier failures aren't overwritten by success on this run
                if retVal is None or retVal == 0:
                    retVal = result
                log.error("Automation Error: Exception caught while running tests")
                    mochitest.cleanup(None, options)
                except devicemanager.DMError:
                    # device error cleaning up... oh well!
                retVal = 1
                # Clean-up added bookmarks
                if test['name'] == "testImportFromAndroid":
                    if ("pandaboard" in devOS):
                        cmd_del = ['execsu', 'sqlite3', "/data/data/com.android.browser/databases/browser2.db \'delete from bookmarks where _id > 14;\'"]
                        cmd_del = ['execsu', 'sqlite3', "/data/data/com.android.browser/databases/browser.db \'delete from bookmarks where _id > 14;\'"]
                    if (options.dm_trans == "sut"):
                        dm._runCmds([{"cmd": " ".join(cmd_del)}])
        if retVal is None:
            log.warn("No tests run. Did you pass an invalid TEST_PATH?")
            retVal = 1
            # if we didn't have some kind of error running the tests, make
            # sure the tests actually passed
            print "INFO | runtests.py | Test summary: start."
            overallResult = mochitest.printLog()
            print "INFO | runtests.py | Test summary: end."
            if retVal == 0:
                retVal = overallResult
            retVal = mochitest.runTests(options)
            log.error("Automation Error: Exception caught while running tests")
                mochitest.cleanup(None, options)
            except devicemanager.DMError:
                # device error cleaning up... oh well!
            retVal = 1



if __name__ == "__main__":