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/* -*- Mode: C++; tab-width: 2; indent-tabs-mode: nil; c-basic-offset: 2 -*-
 * This Source Code Form is subject to the terms of the Mozilla Public
 * License, v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this
 * file, You can obtain one at */


#include "TransportSecurityInfo.h"
#include "nsISSLSocketControl.h"
#include "nsIClientAuthDialogs.h"
#include "nsIProxyInfo.h"
#include "nsNSSCertificate.h"
#include "nsDataHashtable.h"
#include "nsTHashtable.h"
#include "mozilla/TimeStamp.h"
#include "sslt.h"

namespace mozilla {
namespace psm {
class SharedSSLState;
} // namespace psm
} // namespace mozilla

class nsIObserver;

class nsNSSSocketInfo final : public mozilla::psm::TransportSecurityInfo,
                              public nsISSLSocketControl,
                              public nsIClientAuthUserDecision
  nsNSSSocketInfo(mozilla::psm::SharedSSLState& aState, uint32_t providerFlags);


  void SetForSTARTTLS(bool aForSTARTTLS);
  bool GetForSTARTTLS();

  nsresult GetFileDescPtr(PRFileDesc** aFilePtr);
  nsresult SetFileDescPtr(PRFileDesc* aFilePtr);

  bool IsHandshakePending() const { return mHandshakePending; }
  void SetHandshakeNotPending() { mHandshakePending = false; }

  void SetTLSVersionRange(SSLVersionRange range) { mTLSVersionRange = range; }
  SSLVersionRange GetTLSVersionRange() const { return mTLSVersionRange; };

  PRStatus CloseSocketAndDestroy(
                const nsNSSShutDownPreventionLock& proofOfLock);

  void SetNegotiatedNPN(const char* value, uint32_t length);

  void SetHandshakeCompleted();
  void NoteTimeUntilReady();

  void SetFalseStartCallbackCalled() { mFalseStartCallbackCalled = true; }
  void SetFalseStarted() { mFalseStarted = true; }

  // Note that this is only valid *during* a handshake; at the end of the handshake,
  // it gets reset back to false.
  void SetFullHandshake() { mIsFullHandshake = true; }
  bool IsFullHandshake() const { return mIsFullHandshake; }

  bool GetJoined() { return mJoined; }
  void SetSentClientCert() { mSentClientCert = true; }

  uint32_t GetProviderFlags() const { return mProviderFlags; }

  mozilla::psm::SharedSSLState& SharedState();

  // XXX: These are only used on for diagnostic purposes
  enum CertVerificationState {
  void SetCertVerificationWaiting();
  // Use errorCode == 0 to indicate success; in that case, errorMessageType is
  // ignored.
  void SetCertVerificationResult(PRErrorCode errorCode,
              ::mozilla::psm::SSLErrorMessageType errorMessageType);

  // for logging only
  PRBool IsWaitingForCertVerification() const
    return mCertVerificationState == waiting_for_cert_verification;
  void AddPlaintextBytesRead(uint64_t val) { mPlaintextBytesRead += val; }

  bool IsPreliminaryHandshakeDone() const { return mPreliminaryHandshakeDone; }
  void SetPreliminaryHandshakeDone() { mPreliminaryHandshakeDone = true; }

  void SetKEAUsed(uint16_t kea) { mKEAUsed = kea; }

  void SetKEAKeyBits(uint32_t keaBits) { mKEAKeyBits = keaBits; }

  void SetBypassAuthentication(bool val)
    if (!mHandshakeCompleted) {
      mBypassAuthentication = val;

  void SetSSLVersionUsed(int16_t version)
    mSSLVersionUsed = version;

  void SetMACAlgorithmUsed(int16_t mac) { mMACAlgorithmUsed = mac; }

  inline bool GetBypassAuthentication()
    bool result = false;
    mozilla::DebugOnly<nsresult> rv = GetBypassAuthentication(&result);
    return result;

  virtual ~nsNSSSocketInfo();

  PRFileDesc* mFd;

  CertVerificationState mCertVerificationState;

  mozilla::psm::SharedSSLState& mSharedState;
  bool mForSTARTTLS;
  SSLVersionRange mTLSVersionRange;
  bool mHandshakePending;
  bool mRememberClientAuthCertificate;
  bool mPreliminaryHandshakeDone; // after false start items are complete

  nsresult ActivateSSL();

  nsCString mNegotiatedNPN;
  bool      mNPNCompleted;
  bool      mFalseStartCallbackCalled;
  bool      mFalseStarted;
  bool      mIsFullHandshake;
  bool      mHandshakeCompleted;
  bool      mJoined;
  bool      mSentClientCert;
  bool      mNotedTimeUntilReady;
  bool      mFailedVerification;

  // mKEA* are used in false start and http/2 detetermination
  // Values are from nsISSLSocketControl
  int16_t mKEAUsed;
  uint32_t mKEAKeyBits;
  int16_t mSSLVersionUsed;
  int16_t mMACAlgorithmUsed;
  bool    mBypassAuthentication;

  uint32_t mProviderFlags;
  mozilla::TimeStamp mSocketCreationTimestamp;
  uint64_t mPlaintextBytesRead;

  nsCOMPtr<nsIX509Cert> mClientCert;

enum StrongCipherStatus {

class nsSSLIOLayerHelpers

  nsresult Init();
  void Cleanup();

  static bool nsSSLIOLayerInitialized;
  static PRDescIdentity nsSSLIOLayerIdentity;
  static PRDescIdentity nsSSLPlaintextLayerIdentity;
  static PRIOMethods nsSSLIOLayerMethods;
  static PRIOMethods nsSSLPlaintextLayerMethods;

  bool mTreatUnsafeNegotiationAsBroken;

  void setTreatUnsafeNegotiationAsBroken(bool broken);
  bool treatUnsafeNegotiationAsBroken();

  struct IntoleranceEntry
    uint16_t tolerant;
    uint16_t intolerant;
    PRErrorCode intoleranceReason;
    StrongCipherStatus strongCipherStatus;

    void AssertInvariant() const
      MOZ_ASSERT(intolerant == 0 || tolerant < intolerant);
  nsDataHashtable<nsCStringHashKey, IntoleranceEntry> mTLSIntoleranceInfo;
  // Sites that require insecure fallback to TLS 1.0, set by the pref
  // security.tls.insecure_fallback_hosts, which is a comma-delimited
  // list of domain names.
  nsTHashtable<nsCStringHashKey> mInsecureFallbackSites;
  void rememberTolerantAtVersion(const nsACString& hostname, int16_t port,
                                 uint16_t tolerant);
  bool fallbackLimitReached(const nsACString& hostname, uint16_t intolerant);
  bool rememberIntolerantAtVersion(const nsACString& hostname, int16_t port,
                                   uint16_t intolerant, uint16_t minVersion,
                                   PRErrorCode intoleranceReason);
  bool rememberStrongCiphersFailed(const nsACString& hostName, int16_t port,
                                   PRErrorCode intoleranceReason);
  // returns the known tolerant version
  // or 0 if there is no known tolerant version
  uint16_t forgetIntolerance(const nsACString& hostname, int16_t port);
  void adjustForTLSIntolerance(const nsACString& hostname, int16_t port,
                               /*in/out*/ SSLVersionRange& range,
                               /*out*/ StrongCipherStatus& strongCipherStatus);
  PRErrorCode getIntoleranceReason(const nsACString& hostname, int16_t port);

  void clearStoredData();
  void loadVersionFallbackLimit();
  void setInsecureFallbackSites(const nsCString& str);
  void initInsecureFallbackSites();
  bool isPublic() const;
  void addInsecureFallbackSite(const nsCString& hostname, bool temporary);
  void removeInsecureFallbackSite(const nsACString& hostname, uint16_t port);

  bool mFalseStartRequireNPN;
  bool mUnrestrictedRC4Fallback;
  uint16_t mVersionFallbackLimit;
  mozilla::Mutex mutex;
  nsCOMPtr<nsIObserver> mPrefObserver;

nsresult nsSSLIOLayerNewSocket(int32_t family,
                               const char* host,
                               int32_t port,
                               nsIProxyInfo *proxy,
                               PRFileDesc** fd,
                               nsISupports** securityInfo,
                               bool forSTARTTLS,
                               uint32_t flags);

nsresult nsSSLIOLayerAddToSocket(int32_t family,
                                 const char* host,
                                 int32_t port,
                                 nsIProxyInfo *proxy,
                                 PRFileDesc* fd,
                                 nsISupports** securityInfo,
                                 bool forSTARTTLS,
                                 uint32_t flags);

nsresult nsSSLIOLayerFreeTLSIntolerantSites();
nsresult displayUnknownCertErrorAlert(nsNSSSocketInfo* infoObject, int error);

#endif /* _NSNSSIOLAYER_H */