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#include "nsISupports.idl"

 * nsIHttpActivityObserver
 * This interface provides a way for http activities to be reported
 * to observers.
[scriptable, uuid(412880C8-6C36-48d8-BF8F-84F91F892503)]
interface nsIHttpActivityObserver : nsISupports
     * observe activity from the http transport
     * @param aHttpChannel
     *        nsISupports interface for the the http channel that
     *        generated this activity
     * @param aActivityType
     *        The value of this aActivityType will be one of
     * @param aActivitySubtype
     *        The value of this aActivitySubtype, will be depend
     *        on the value of aActivityType. When aActivityType
     *          aActivitySubtype will be one of the
     *          nsISocketTransport::STATUS_???? values defined in
     *          nsISocketTransport.idl
     *        OR when aActivityType
     *          aActivitySubtype will be one of the
     *          nsIHttpActivityObserver::ACTIVITY_SUBTYPE_???? values
     *          defined below
     * @param aTimestamp
     *        microseconds past the epoch of Jan 1, 1970
     * @param aExtraSizeData
     *        Any extra size data optionally available with
     *        this activity
     * @param aExtraStringData
     *        Any extra string data optionally available with
     *        this activity
    void observeActivity(in nsISupports  aHttpChannel,
                         in PRUint32     aActivityType,
                         in PRUint32     aActivitySubtype,
                         in PRTime       aTimestamp,
                         in PRUint64     aExtraSizeData,
                         in ACString     aExtraStringData);

     * This attribute is true when this interface is active and should
     * observe http activities. When false, observeActivity() should not
     * be called. It is present for compatibility reasons and should be
     * implemented only by nsHttpActivityDistributor.
    readonly attribute boolean isActive;

    const unsigned long ACTIVITY_TYPE_SOCKET_TRANSPORT     = 0x0001;
    const unsigned long ACTIVITY_TYPE_HTTP_TRANSACTION     = 0x0002;

    const unsigned long ACTIVITY_SUBTYPE_REQUEST_HEADER    = 0x5001;
    const unsigned long ACTIVITY_SUBTYPE_REQUEST_BODY_SENT = 0x5002;
    const unsigned long ACTIVITY_SUBTYPE_RESPONSE_START    = 0x5003;
    const unsigned long ACTIVITY_SUBTYPE_RESPONSE_HEADER   = 0x5004;
    const unsigned long ACTIVITY_SUBTYPE_RESPONSE_COMPLETE = 0x5005;
    const unsigned long ACTIVITY_SUBTYPE_TRANSACTION_CLOSE = 0x5006;

     *  When aActivityType is ACTIVITY_TYPE_SOCKET_TRANSPORT
     *  and aActivitySubtype is STATUS_SENDING_TO
     *  aExtraSizeData will contain the count of bytes sent 
     *  There may be more than one of these activities reported
     *  for a single http transaction, each aExtraSizeData 
     *  represents only that portion of the total bytes sent
     *  When aActivityType is ACTIVITY_TYPE_HTTP_TRANSACTION
     *  and aActivitySubtype is ACTIVITY_SUBTYPE_REQUEST_HEADER
     *  aExtraStringData will contain the text of the header
     *  When aActivityType is ACTIVITY_TYPE_HTTP_TRANSACTION
     *  and aActivitySubtype is ACTIVITY_SUBTYPE_RESPONSE_HEADER
     *  aExtraStringData will contain the text of the header
     *  When aActivityType is ACTIVITY_TYPE_HTTP_TRANSACTION
     *  and aActivitySubtype is ACTIVITY_SUBTYPE_RESPONSE_COMPLETE
     *  aExtraSizeData will contain the count of total bytes received





 * nsIHttpActivityDistributor
 * This interface provides a way to register and unregister observers to the
 * http activities.
[scriptable, uuid(7C512CB8-582A-4625-B5B6-8639755271B5)]
interface nsIHttpActivityDistributor : nsIHttpActivityObserver
    void addObserver(in nsIHttpActivityObserver aObserver);
    void removeObserver(in nsIHttpActivityObserver aObserver);