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Bug 683891: Stop exporting THEBES_API symbols from libxul. r=glandium

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#ifndef GFX_TYPES_H
#define GFX_TYPES_H

#include "prtypes.h"
#include "nsAtomicRefcnt.h"

 * Currently needs to be 'double' for Cairo compatibility. Could
 * become 'float', perhaps, in some configurations.
typedef double gfxFloat;

# define THEBES_API

 * gfx errors

/* nsIDeviceContextSpec.h defines a set of printer errors  */

/* Font cmap is strangely structured - avoid this font! */
#define NS_ERROR_GFX_CMAP_MALFORMED          \

 * Priority of a line break opportunity.
 * eNoBreak       The line has no break opportunities
 * eWordWrapBreak The line has a break opportunity only within a word. With
 *                word-wrap: break-word we will break at this point only if
 *                there are no other break opportunities in the line.
 * eNormalBreak   The line has a break opportunity determined by the standard
 *                line-breaking algorithm.
 * Future expansion: split eNormalBreak into multiple priorities, e.g.
 *                    punctuation break and whitespace break (bug 389710).
 *                   As and when we implement it, text-wrap: unrestricted will
 *                    mean that priorities are ignored and all line-break
 *                    opportunities are equal.
 * @see gfxTextRun::BreakAndMeasureText
 * @see nsLineLayout::NotifyOptionalBreakPosition
enum gfxBreakPriority {
    eNoBreak       = 0,

#endif /* GFX_TYPES_H */