Bug 1157354 - Part 1: Add --tbpl-debug option to jstests.py. r=sfink, a=test-only
authorTooru Fujisawa <arai_a@mac.com>
Tue, 05 May 2015 13:59:51 +0900
changeset 260378 9afcb7df833c00f9cc659357251ec952e6c80e31
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push dateWed, 06 May 2015 19:02:06 +0000
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reviewerssfink, test-only
Bug 1157354 - Part 1: Add --tbpl-debug option to jstests.py. r=sfink, a=test-only
--- a/js/src/tests/jstests.py
+++ b/js/src/tests/jstests.py
@@ -8,17 +8,17 @@ See the adjacent README.txt for more det
 from __future__ import print_function
 import os, sys, textwrap
 from os.path import abspath, dirname, isfile, realpath
 from copy import copy
 from subprocess import list2cmdline, call
 from lib.results import NullTestOutput
-from lib.tests import TestCase, TBPL_FLAGS
+from lib.tests import TestCase, TBPL_FLAGS, TBPL_DEBUG_FLAGS
 from lib.results import ResultsSink
 from lib.progressbar import ProgressBar
 if sys.platform.startswith('linux') or sys.platform.startswith('darwin'):
     from lib.tasks_unix import run_all_tests
     from lib.tasks_win import run_all_tests
@@ -92,16 +92,19 @@ def parse_args():
                           ' (in seconds).')
     harness_og.add_option('-a', '--args', dest='shell_args', default='',
                           help='Extra args to pass to the JS shell.')
     harness_og.add_option('--jitflags', default='',
                           help="Obsolete. Does nothing.")
     harness_og.add_option('--tbpl', action='store_true',
                           help='Runs each test in all configurations tbpl'
                           ' tests.')
+    harness_og.add_option('--tbpl-debug', action='store_true',
+                          help='Runs each test in some faster configurations'
+                          ' tbpl tests.')
     harness_og.add_option('-g', '--debug', action='store_true',
                           help='Run a test in debugger.')
     harness_og.add_option('--debugger', default='gdb -q --args',
                           help='Debugger command.')
     harness_og.add_option('-J', '--jorendb', action='store_true',
                           help='Run under JS debugger.')
     harness_og.add_option('--passthrough', action='store_true',
                           help='Run tests with stdin/stdout attached to'
@@ -260,19 +263,19 @@ def load_tests(options, requested_paths,
     skip_list = []
     if options.make_manifests:
         manifest.make_manifests(options.make_manifests, test_list)
     # Create a new test list. Apply each TBPL configuration to every test.
-    if options.tbpl:
+    if options.tbpl or options.tbpl_debug:
         new_test_list = []
-        flags_list = TBPL_FLAGS
+        flags_list = TBPL_FLAGS if options.tbpl else TBPL_DEBUG_FLAGS
         for test in test_list:
             for jitflags in flags_list:
                 tmp_test = copy(test)
                 tmp_test.jitflags = copy(test.jitflags)
         test_list = new_test_list
--- a/js/src/tests/lib/tests.py
+++ b/js/src/tests/lib/tests.py
@@ -15,16 +15,22 @@ TBPL_FLAGS = [
     [], # no flags, normal baseline and ion
     ['--ion-eager', '--ion-offthread-compile=off'], # implies --baseline-eager
     ['--ion-eager', '--ion-offthread-compile=off',
      '--ion-check-range-analysis', '--no-sse3', '--no-threads'],
     ['--baseline-eager', '--no-fpu'],
     ['--no-baseline', '--no-ion'],
+# Run reduced variants on debug builds, since they take longer time.
+    [], # no flags, normal baseline and ion
+    ['--ion-eager', '--ion-offthread-compile=off'], # implies --baseline-eager
+    ['--baseline-eager'],
 def do_run_cmd(cmd):
     l = [None, None]
     th_run_cmd(cmd, l)
     return l[1]
 def set_limits():
     # resource module not supported on all platforms