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/* This Source Code Form is subject to the terms of the Mozilla Public
 * License, v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this
 * file, You can obtain one at */

#include "nsISupports.idl"

interface nsIArray;
interface nsISupportsArray;
interface nsIDOMCharacterData;
interface nsIDOMElement;
interface nsIDOMDocument;
interface nsIDOMCSSRule;
interface nsIDOMCSSStyleRule;
interface nsIDOMNode;
interface nsIDOMNodeList;
interface nsIDOMFontFaceList;
interface nsIDOMRange;
interface nsIDOMCSSStyleSheet;

[scriptable, uuid(1f5b7f08-fa80-49e9-b881-888f081240da)]
interface inIDOMUtils : nsISupports
  // CSS utilities
  void getAllStyleSheets (in nsIDOMDocument aDoc,
                          [optional] out unsigned long aLength,
                          [array, size_is (aLength), retval] out nsISupports aSheets);
  nsISupportsArray getCSSStyleRules(in nsIDOMElement aElement, [optional] in DOMString aPseudo);
  unsigned long getRuleLine(in nsIDOMCSSRule aRule);
  unsigned long getRuleColumn(in nsIDOMCSSRule aRule);

  // Utilities for working with selectors.  We don't have a JS OM representation
  // of a single selector or a selector list yet, but given a rule we can index
  // into the selector list.
  // This is a somewhat backwards API; once we move StyleRule to WebIDL we
  // should consider using [ChromeOnly] APIs on that.
  unsigned long getSelectorCount(in nsIDOMCSSStyleRule aRule);
  // For all three functions below, aSelectorIndex is 0-based
  AString getSelectorText(in nsIDOMCSSStyleRule aRule,
                          in unsigned long aSelectorIndex);
  unsigned long long getSpecificity(in nsIDOMCSSStyleRule aRule,
                                    in unsigned long aSelectorIndex);
  // Note: This does not handle scoped selectors correctly, because it has no
  // idea what the right scope is.
  bool selectorMatchesElement(in nsIDOMElement aElement,
                              in nsIDOMCSSStyleRule aRule,
                              in unsigned long aSelectorIndex,
                              [optional] in DOMString aPseudo);

  // Utilities for working with CSS properties
  // Returns true if the string names a property that is inherited by default.
  bool isInheritedProperty(in AString aPropertyName);

  // Get a list of all our supported property names.  Optionally
  // shorthands can be excluded or property aliases included.
  const unsigned long EXCLUDE_SHORTHANDS = (1<<0);
  const unsigned long INCLUDE_ALIASES = (1<<1);
  void getCSSPropertyNames([optional] in unsigned long aFlags,
			   [optional] out unsigned long aCount,
			   [retval, array, size_is(aCount)] out wstring aProps);

  // Get a list of all valid keywords and colors for aProperty.
  void getCSSValuesForProperty(in AString aProperty,
                               [optional] out unsigned long aLength,
                               [array, size_is(aLength), retval] out wstring aValues);

  // Utilities for working with CSS colors
  jsval colorNameToRGB(in DOMString aColorName);
  AString rgbToColorName(in octet aR, in octet aG, in octet aB);

  // Convert a given CSS color string to rgba. Returns null on failure or an
  // InspectorRGBATuple on success.
  // NOTE: Converting a color to RGBA may be lossy when converting from some
  // formats e.g. CMYK.
  jsval colorToRGBA(in DOMString aColorString);

  // Check whether a given color is a valid CSS color.
  bool isValidCSSColor(in AString aColorString);

  // Utilities for obtaining information about a CSS property.

  // Check whether a CSS property and value are a valid combination. If the
  // property is pref-disabled it will still be processed.
  // aPropertyName: A property name e.g. "color"
  // aPropertyValue: A property value e.g. "red" or "red !important"
  bool cssPropertyIsValid(in AString aPropertyName, in AString aPropertyValue);

  // Get a list of the longhands corresponding to the given CSS property.  If
  // the property is a longhand already, just returns the property itself.
  // Throws on unsupported property names.
  void getSubpropertiesForCSSProperty(in AString aProperty,
                                      [optional] out unsigned long aLength,
                                      [array, size_is(aLength), retval] out wstring aValues);
  // Check whether a given CSS property is a shorthand.  Throws on unsupported
  // property names.
  bool cssPropertyIsShorthand(in AString aProperty);

  // Check whether values of the given type are valid values for the property.
  // For shorthands, checks whether there's a corresponding longhand property
  // that accepts values of this type.  Throws on unsupported properties or
  // unknown types.
  // This function may incorrectly return false for properties that use custom
  // parsing functions instead of table-driven parsing.
  const unsigned long TYPE_LENGTH = 0;
  const unsigned long TYPE_PERCENTAGE = 1;
  const unsigned long TYPE_COLOR = 2;
  const unsigned long TYPE_URL = 3;
  const unsigned long TYPE_ANGLE = 4;
  const unsigned long TYPE_FREQUENCY = 5;
  const unsigned long TYPE_TIME = 6;
  const unsigned long TYPE_GRADIENT = 7;
  const unsigned long TYPE_TIMING_FUNCTION = 8;
  const unsigned long TYPE_IMAGE_RECT = 9;
  const unsigned long TYPE_NUMBER = 10;
  bool cssPropertySupportsType(in AString aProperty, in unsigned long type);

  // DOM Node utilities
  boolean isIgnorableWhitespace(in nsIDOMCharacterData aDataNode);
  // Returns the "parent" of a node.  The parent of a document node is the
  // frame/iframe containing that document.  aShowingAnonymousContent says
  // whether we are showing anonymous content.
  nsIDOMNode getParentForNode(in nsIDOMNode aNode,
                              in boolean aShowingAnonymousContent);
  nsIDOMNodeList getChildrenForNode(in nsIDOMNode aNode,
                                    in boolean aShowingAnonymousContent);
  // XBL utilities
  nsIArray getBindingURLs(in nsIDOMElement aElement);

  // content state utilities
  unsigned long long getContentState(in nsIDOMElement aElement);
  void setContentState(in nsIDOMElement aElement, in unsigned long long aState);

  nsIDOMFontFaceList getUsedFontFaces(in nsIDOMRange aRange);

  // pseudo-class style locking methods. aPseudoClass must be a valid pseudo-class
  // selector string, e.g. ":hover". ":-moz-any-link" and non-event-state
  // pseudo-classes are ignored.
  void addPseudoClassLock(in nsIDOMElement aElement, in DOMString aPseudoClass);
  void removePseudoClassLock(in nsIDOMElement aElement, in DOMString aPseudoClass);
  bool hasPseudoClassLock(in nsIDOMElement aElement, in DOMString aPseudoClass);
  void clearPseudoClassLocks(in nsIDOMElement aElement);

   * Parse CSS and update the style sheet in place.
   * @param DOMCSSStyleSheet aSheet
   * @param DOMString aInput
   *        The new source string for the style sheet.
  void parseStyleSheet(in nsIDOMCSSStyleSheet aSheet, in DOMString aInput);
   * Scroll an element completely into view, if possible.
   * This is similar to ensureElementIsVisible but for all ancestors.
   * @param DOMElement aElement
  void scrollElementIntoView(in nsIDOMElement aElement);

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